Chainers NFT Metaverse: How To Generate An Active Community Using A Solid PR And Social Media Marketing Strategy

Chainers achieved incredible community growth by using Bitmedia for their latest content marketing campaigns. Chainers

Generating an active and loyal community that you can rely upon to drive the price of your NFT or metaverse project forward is vital. You need your community to be in it for the long haul, rather than simply being there to make a quick buck and leave. But building this type of community can be incredibly difficult, especially in the NFT and metaverse spheres.

But, as Chainers recently found out, it is possible to achieve great results in a short period of time by teaming up with the correct platforms. Chainers, one of the most ambitious NFT and metaverse projects, just completed its first PR and social media marketing campaign with Bitmedia, the leading crypto advertising platform, generating more than 10,000 new active and dedicated community members in just 1 month! 

We decided to investigate further and spoke to both platforms, in order to deliver the knowledge that may just be a deal-breaker for other metaverse and NFT projects.

Meet the Chainers

Chainers is on track to become one of the most successful projects to launch in the NFT era. Photo: Chainers

Chainers is an incredibly ambitious crypto, metaverse and play2earn project, taking on all facets of the crypto life all at once. Packing stunning visuals, visionary tokenomics, and an all-star development team, By the looks of it, Chainers is on track to become one of the most successful projects to launch in the NFT era.

The Chainers metaverse allows you to take life at your own pace. Whether that’s by buying and selling NFTs, playing free play2earn games, buying up land, or winning new NFTs, you’re in total control. Best of all, anyone that wants to get a say in the future of the Chainers metaverse can do so by joining the exclusive waitlist.

But, all of that potential and ambition is pointless without a loyal community to enjoy it. So, the team behind the project turned to Bitmedia to help develop the community and get Chainers off to the flying start it deserves.

Meet the Plan

Being so ambitious, Chainers set a tall goal of landing 5,000 dedicated and active community members in just 1 month, a task that whets the lips of the good folk at Bitmedia. Since it is an NFT project, the choice of publishers was clear; one that understood great design and funky games. Bitmedia’s content distribution package teamed up with RollerCoin as the publisher to pull off the ultimate campaign. As per the crypto ad network’s research team, RollerCoin is the biggest crypto mining simulator on the planet, and its graphics match up perfectly with the Chainers metaverse. The package came complete with PR coverage on the RollerCoin blog as well as social media coverage across all of RollerCoin’s social channels.

RollerCoin is the biggest crypto mining simulator on the planet, and its graphics match up perfectly with the Chainers metaverse. Photo: RollerCoin

An interesting point one should note is that marketing efforts must cover as many channels as possible. It has been mentioned countless number of times, that you need to reach your target audience wherever they go, and it’s omnichannel ad platforms that can do it for you on a turnkey basis. Social media is not as powerful without the right paid ads, and paid ads must be supported with content. This becomes an ever-important case, when the world of blockchain witnesses at least dozen new NFT and metaverse projects show up on daily basis. And it is this, that calls for extra efforts tied to marketing. 

What Did the Results Look Like?

This campaign from Chainers running on Bitmedia’s crypto ad platform was already incredibly targeted, meaning that no refinement was necessary, said Xenia L., the analyst at Bitmedia. This extra planning gave the campaign the upper hand when compared to other types of display ad runs, allowing it to perform excellently from the get-go. In fact, it performed so well that Chainers saw more than 1,000 registration requests on the first day! This is down to the fact that the RollerCoin community is 2 million strong and is NFT relevant.

Chainers Twitter account Photo: Chainers

Over the course of the 1-month long promotion, Chainers saw its community grow by more than 10,000 members across all platforms, which more than doubled the expected performance. This was possible by tapping into RollerCoin’s various social media channels, which include Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and Discord. This extra distribution really was the icing on the cake and gave the campaign extra legs to achieve this impressive level of success.

Teaming Up with the Experts is Vital

There are a number of crypto advertising platforms out there, but only the best can help you achieve the best results with your campaign, just as Chainers discovered with this promotion. We will never get tired of saying that there is just no point in launching a project without the right marketing campaign. Without it, you risk turning it into just another case no one knows about. Bitmedia has more than 7 years of experience with this type of advertising, meaning that you’re in safe hands when you team up with them. So, take your next campaign to the next level and achieve results that everyone else doesn’t believe is possible by working with Bitmedia.

As for Chainers, they’re now focusing on launching a community-driven DAO. To elevate your status to a member of the board of directors, join the Chainers metaverse waiting list today. All waitlist members will get to vote on all changes to the Chainers smart contract, directly influencing the future of this ambitious metaverse.

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