CES 2017: Nvidia Spot Google Assistant Device Answers Commands From Every Room In Your Home [VIDEO]

Nvidia Spot
Co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang introduces the Nvidia Spot device at CES 2017. Nvidia

Nvidia co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang took the stage at CES 2017 and introduced a slew of innovations that the computer hardware company has been working on. For 2017, Nvidia is investing a significant amount of its efforts into AI.

First, JHH introduces Nvidia's new SHIELD streaming device, the first home entertainment Android platform to deliver full 4K HDR streaming for Netflix and Amazon video.

Using the Nvidia SHIELD device as a foundation, Nvidia decided to create the first Android TV that can tether a Google Assistant. The Nvidia SHIELD not only allows your TV to be controlled by natural language, but Nvidia's new SPOT device will let you control your home as well.

JHH explains that tiny Nvidia SPOT pods can answer to commands including weather forecasts and news as well as delegate commands to other devices including coffee makers and window blinds. SPOT devices can also be installed at various locations in the house to create sound triangulation that will determine which room of the house you're in.

“This will change the way we interact with our house,” says JHH. The Nvidia SHIELD will be available for $199 while the Spot costs $50 per unit . Stay tuned as we expect to learn more about Nvidia's future products in the months ahead.

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