'Cash Me Outside Howbow Dah' Girl's Instagram Hacked By 'Evangelion' Villains From The Dumb Dimension

"Catch me ousside, howbow dah" girl got hacked by the world's most pathetic hacker group. Peteski Productions Inc.

The girl who achieved memetic fame telling a mocking Dr. Phil audience to “catch me outside, how about that” (or, “Cash Me Ousside Howbow Dah” as it’s come to be rendered) has been hacked by the Face Security Group, a priggish nerd or collection of nerds who seems to be laboring under the astounding delusion that the big problem with our country is celebrity culture.

Dr. Phil — who got rich exploiting vulnerable people, peddling snake oil and mocking oddballs in the name of helping them — struck gold with Danielle Bregoli, a 13-year-old girl brought on his show to argue with her mother about stealing cars. A YouTube clip from the episode (her viral moment comes at 3:20) soon inspired the usual meme stuff:

But while it’s certainly fun to say “cash me ousside howbow dah,” the Bregoli story didn’t get really interesting until Tuesday, when her social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — got hijacked by the world’s most embarrassing hacker group.

UPDATE: The videos have been taken down from Bregoli's account and Glassface (an account owned by digital media artist Josh Goldberg, according to Complex) has taken credit for the hack, tweeting "just trying to say what everyone else is thinking" before protecting his tweets.

UPDATE 2: A new way to make this whole "hacking" saga even lamer has been discovered: it appears to have been viral marketing for a music video.

“This is the modern day celebrity. This country glorifies and makes famous a young girl for being disrespectful to her mother,” the first Face Security Group video begins. If it weren’t for the disguised voice (in the by-now embarrassing Anonymous mode) and the admittedly bitchin’ logo, these could be the words of any number of cultural guardian dumbasses.

Respect and the repudiation of disrespect has always been a rallying cry for the world’s prudes, fogies and powerful, who believe they are owed deference for their nature or station, rather than their actions. Only those who have mistaken civility for morality could believe that a rising tide of disrespect represents a threat to society.  

“She is no role model, she is no idol, she is no god, pay close attention to what happens next.” What goddamn goons.  

It turns out even anime nerds (I’m convinced the logo is partially inspired by Evangelion) hopped up on Mr. Robot can get all stuffy and pompous about celebrity culture. Beyond the two videos (the second promising “change” and “leaks” of an unspecific nature), the Face Security Group cribbed their motto, “Democracy dies in darkness,” from The Washington Post, essentially confirming their milquetoast, pedestrian politics.

This all points to one inescapable conclusion: the Face Security Group is David Brooks.

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