Casey Neistat Quits Daily Vlog: Why YouTube Star Can't Keep Up Anymore

Casey Neistat in his final vlog
Casey Neistat in his final vlog YouTube

Over the last 18 months, Casey Neistat has been chronicling his daily life in 10-minute videos on his YouTube channel. After letting fans take a look into his commute, his family and so much more, Neistat is finally calling it quits. He’s not leaving YouTube or turning away from content creation, but the daily vlog is over. “What (the vlog) hasn’t been doing is challenging me, it hasn’t been the creative fist fight I wrestle with every single day” Neistat said in his final vlog.

At 19, Neistat abandoned his job in Connecticut to move to New York City and become a filmmaker. He feels that he needs to take a risk on something else and move onto something new and more creative.

Since the vlog started, Neistat has had insane success. In September, over 28 days, Neistat had 155 million views on his vlogs and earned 1.1 million subscribers, according to the video. “That’s the kind of success that I never would have imagined when I started, and that kind of success makes you comfortable” Neistat said.

“It’s time to embrace a new opportunity, it’s time to try something else because the success of this vlog has not satiated my appetite, it’s only made me more hungry,” Neistat said. Videos will still keep coming, but he plans to spend much more time on the finished product. SInce he doesn't have to produce a new video of his life everyday, the sky's the limit. What he makes next is still unknown, but he will announce it soon in a new video.

We’ve watched him snowboard through Manhattan in a blizzard, take his electric longboard around the world and watch his little girl grow up. I wish Neistat the best of his luck in his next creative ventures and I know he’s going to make something awesome.

The vlog may be over, but Casey Neistat isn’t.

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