Cartel Tycoon: Update Resolves Bugs Reported by the Community

Cartel Tycoon
Cartel Tycoon Steam

Cartel Tycoon was fully launched on Steam last week, but several issues hampered the experience of some players. As a result, the developers released Update to resolve the bugs reported by the community.

The issue where Cartel Tycoon wasn’t displayed in the native resolution after the first boot-up, which led to the mouse pointer being incorrectly positioned, has been addressed. Besides that, the issue where the mouse would move when a controller is connected has been resolved.

Cartel Tycoon is about managing a drug empire and doing so should not be easy. Before this patch went live, there was an issue where players were able to complete certain Lieutenant Quests successfully just by canceling them. This bug made the game easier, especially when gaining Lieutenant XP, but thanks to the latest patch, the issue is fixed.

Some of the other bug fixes are noted below:

  • Promoting a Volatile Lieutenant to Capos crashes the game
  • Some Sandbox settings prevent players from capturing the Los Grandes region
  • The dollar sign is missing in menus of Laundering Buildings and Smuggling Points
  • Destroying the university locks all the researched buildings and upgrades the university was used for
  • Tier III of Research is unavailable if one of the multiple Universities is destroyed
  • "Make a Deal" with Lyova Fainherz was using an incorrect drug
  • After-death screen for Cesar Garcetti in the “Needs and Fears” campaign doesn't show any money or drug types
  • Non-existent Capos are shown on the Starting Capos screen
  • Incorrect text appears when clicking an Enemy Gang leader description showing they’re managing a farm
  • Players get Addam Gomez as Starting Capo instead of Armando Cruz
  • Reloading a game while Research is in progress, will automatically complete Research
  • Capos can meet their doppelgangers leading Enemy Gangs
  • Lieutenants don’t get experience after the player finishes the Tutorial and continues playing.
  • In Survival Mode players control the Amado River Pier from the start of the game
  • Incorrect visual positioning of enemy cars during fights in River Piers and Indigenous Territory
  • A tooltip explaining why players can’t construct buildings in Enemy and Neutral regions wasn’t displayed
  • Old map was displayed on the Region Selection screen at the start of the game

Cartel Tycoon Update is available on PC.

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