Cartel Tycoon Fully Releases on Steam; Update 1.0 Introduces New Buildings and Resources

Cartel Tycoon
Cartel Tycoon Steam

Cartel Tycoon, the survival business sim inspired by the narco trade in the ‘80s and ‘90s, has fully launched on Steam. Update 1.0 brings major changes to the game, including new buildings, new resources to expand your drug empire, and a host of new features.

The full release of Cartel Tycoon brought new resources into the mix, such as Dried Opium, Sauce, Quinoa, Avocado, and Dog Food. But more importantly, Heroin is now added to the game, which is a sought-after drug derived from Dried Opium.

In addition, special buildings are now fully functional, including the Airport, Prison, Military Base, Indigenous Territory, and Guerillas. Each of these introduces new quests, mechanics, and even unique characters; be sure to pay them a visit after updating.

Enemy gangs have also been revamped in Update 1.0. Instead of just hired muscle, enemy gangs now have actual leaders that control the workings of the group. You can eliminate them outright, but you can also make peace with them and create certain arrangements that benefit all parties.

Here are the other noteworthy things added in Cartel Tycoon’s full release patch:

  • Loyalty Scale Rework
    • Bonuses added to Loyalty Scale. Loyalty now lowers with time; if it reaches zero - your Capo will die! Each playthrough starts with a positive Loyalty level.
  • Global Unlocks Rework
    • Now any Lieutenant that becomes a Capo in your game will become a Starting Capo. But some still have unique quests! We’ve also changed unlock conditions for Collectors Residence and River Pier upgrades!
  • Added Quest Panel
    • You can now pin quests or hide them from the screen.
  • Steam Cloud Saves
  • Added Time Speed x5 for those who can’t wait!
  • Added a new hotkey: “U” for screenshot mode. Hides all the UI panels. Need to be enabled in the Settings.
  • Removed the Terror requirements when hiring Lieutenants.
  • 10+ New Lieutenants are added to the game including a special Ivan Mario lieutenant
  • Your Lieutenants' Allegiance is now tied to the Loyalty level. If Loyalty is at maximum, their Allegiance will rise.
  • Indigenous Territory has a subregion that is initially locked for player construction.
  • Added a Lieutenant Ability “Peace Maker.” Loyalty slightly rises when the Lieutenant with this Ability is in the city.
  • When Capo crosses a police cordon, you can bribe the Police to let him through.
  • Production Buildings now have Uptime instead of Efficiency.
  • The ground now has Soil Quality instead of Efficiency.

The full changelog can be found on Steam.

Keep in mind that with the drastic changes made to the game, old saves will no longer work after applying Update 1.0.

Cartel Tycoon is available on PC.

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