Car Mechanic Simulator, House Flipper, Other PlayWay S.A. Games Now On Sale On Steam

Publisher Sale on Steam
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PlayWay S.A. has an ongoing sale on Steam with a discount of up to 90% off games from the publisher. There have been multiple publishers giving out games for free or at a steep discount to enjoy time indoors during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These sales allow competition between stores to grow and give out more games for discounted prices.

If you like simulation games you can get games such as Car Mechanic Simulator or Drug Dealer Simulator, which have a really fun gameplay experience and have been rated well by streamers. Personally, I’d suggest getting House Flipper as you are a one-man army who demolishes and remodels houses. It's is actually pretty fun to play if you are into simulation games where you want some freedom.

Here are some of the games PlayWay S.A. is offering on Steam for this sale:

  • House Flipper for $14.99
  • Car Mechanic Simulator for $8.59
  • Drug Dealer Simulator for $16.39
  • Garden Flipper for $11.99
  • Cooking Simulator for $12.99
  • UBOAT for $19.49
  • Thief Simulator for $10.99
  • Gold Rush: The Game for $9.99
  • Tank Mechanic Simulator for $15.99
  • 911 Operator for $1.49
  • The Flipper Bundle for $33.27
  • The Beast Inside for $17.49
  • Thief Simulator VR for $11.24
  • Radio Commander for $9.99
  • Bad Boys Bundle for $24.64
  • Lust for Darkness for $2.24
  • Plane Mechanic Simulator for $5.63
  • Deadliest Catch: The Game for $13.39

So, what are your thoughts on the PlayWay S.A. sale on Steam? Are you planning on buying any games from the Steam store while you are under isolation? Do you have plans on getting any of the games from PlayWay S.A. during the sale? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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