NYCC Capcom Panel Details Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition And Monster Hunter World

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
The World of Capcom panel at NYCC 2017 gave more details on Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Capcom

The World of Capcom panel at New York Comic-Con 2017 gave fans all the details of upcoming titles that are planned to release at the end of this year and the beginning of 2018. Some of the news from the panel were released earlier this week, but some of the Capcom representatives were present to give more details on what is coming down the pipeline for games like Street Fighter V, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and more.

Here’s the recap of everything that was said.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

The panel showed off the Black Panther and Sigma trailer released earlier this week and reiterated the two characters and Monster Hunter will release on Oct. 17.

Details for the new Tournament series, Battle of the Stones, were given with the winners of various tournaments to receive an Infinity Stone to use in a future tournament.

The Space Stone and Soul Stones were already given out to tournament winners. The Space Stone allows for the winner to switch their position in a tournament while the Soul Stone allows for the wielder to eliminate a loss in a best of five series.

More details regarding the Battle of the Stones, as well as what each of the remaining Infinity Stones can do, are to come.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

This new edition of the fighting game will release Jan. 16 for $39.99 and includes the original SFV game, season pass for all 12 characters and their costumes. Arcade mode, extra battle modes and a second V-Trigger for every character.

Those who own SFV will get all of this in a free update when the Arcade Edition releases in January.

There is a new arcade mode with paths themed after Street Fighter 1-4. Each playthrough unlocks gallery content. There will also be monthly rankings, where the top player may receive a unique online title. A new and improved barrel breaking bonus stage is featured as well.

Players can get gallery illustrations by completing arcade mode and there are more than 100 endings available in total. Finally, expect Periodic Extra Battle opportunities, where players can defeat special NPCs and earn fight money or new costumes.

Monster Hunter World

Each monster is a boss fight and they’ll have different quirks that hunters will want to learn to overcome them.

Some of the new monsters coming to Monster Hunter World include:

  • Great Jagras, which eats smaller animals and becomes larger to deal more damage to hunters.
  • Anjanath is super territorial, and aggressive
  • Nergigante is the new flagship monster. It is very prickly and very unpleasant.

Monster Hunter World will have a living, breathing ecosystem. Every plant and animal feed into a larger ecosystem and have a purpose. Larger monsters move to territories where there are smaller monsters for them to eat.

A new feature in Monster Hunter World is how Monsters may fight each other if they invade their territory. That means one way hunters may want to combat tougher monsters is to lure it into another apex predator’s nest and have them fight it out.

This is a co-operative experience, and there is one global player pool so you can team-up with players from around the world. For the first time there is no single-player quest line it is all co-op.

So what do you think of the details coming from the Capcom panel at NYCC? Let us know which game you are looking forward to the most in the comments section below.


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