Capcom Arcade Stadium Introducing a New Mode

Play through without consequences.
Play through without consequences. Capcom

Capcom Arcade Stadium announced an upcoming new mode that many players will surely love. It’s known as the “Invincibility” mode and it's pretty much what you think it is. This lets players get the power of immortality on the games in the collection. There’s no question this is the best way to avoid the “Game Over” screen.

This new feature is available beginning May 25 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and it’s priced at $0.99.

New Customization Options

It’s not all that’s coming to the collection as there is also new content. Known as “Display Frames Set 1,” it gives players access to 32 title-specific frames. Once acquired, players can then unlock new customization options for their very own digital arcade cabinets

Like the new Invincibility Mode, this new content is priced at $0.99. However, those who preorder the game for PC and Xbox One can get it for free until June 8.

A new look.
A new look. Capcom

Steam Offer

Over at Steam, Capcom Arcade Stadium is releasing a “Mini-Album” that features the theme songs “Teenage Blues” and “A Brand New Day.” Each track is available for $1.49 but players can get the entire album, which has eight other tracks, for $9.99.

There’s also a bundle that has the three game packs and the mini-album for $47.99.

Capcom Arcade Stadium offers a collection of Capcom’s classic arcade video games. It has 32 games released between 1984 and 2001. The games are divided into three different Arcade Stadium Packs with 10 games each. Each pack is available for $14.99 with a bundle for all three offered at $39.99. The packs are:

  • Dawn of the Arcade (1984 to 1988)
    • Vulgus (1984)
    • Pirate Ship Higemaru (1984)
    • 1942 (1984)
    • Commando (1985)
    • Section Z (1985)
    • Trojan (1986)
    • Legendary Wings (1986)
    • Bionic Commando (1987)
    • Forgotten Worlds (1988)
    • Ghouls 'n Ghosts (1988)
  • Arcade Revolution (1989 to 1992)
    • Strider (1989)
    • Dynasty Wars (1989)
    • Final Fight (1989)
    • 1941: Counter Attack (1990)
    • Mercs (1990)
    • Mega Twins (1990)
    • Carrier Air Wing (1990)
    • Street Fighter II (1991)
    • Captain Commando (1991)
    • Varth: Operation Thunderstorm (1992)
  • Arcade Evolution (1992 to 2001)
    • Warriors of Fate (1992)
    • Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting (1992)
    • Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994)
    • Armored Warriors (1994)
    • Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness (1995)
    • 19XX: The War Against Destiny (1995)
    • Battle Circuit (1997)
    • Giga Wing (1999)
    • 1944: The Loop Master (2000)
    • Progear (2001)

Capcom Arcade Stadium was first released on Nintendo Switch in February 2021. Versions for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One are scheduled to be launched on May 25. Learn more about the game here.

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