Call It EmojiOS: iOS 10 Update Will Be Released This Fall, Apple Announces Tentpole Features

Call It EmojiOS: iOS 10 Update Will Be Released This Fall, Apple Announces Tentpole Features
Call It EmojiOS: iOS 10 Update Will Be Released This Fall, Apple Announces Tentpole Features Apple

iOS 10 will be released this Fall, according to the announcement Apple made earlier today at their annual developer's conference. Promising it was going to be a big one, Apple described 10 new features that it hopes will set this iOS generation apart from its predecessors.

These 10 new features have a whole host of smaller functionality wrapped up within each, but the tentpoles Apple described include updates to:

  1. User Experience
  2. Siri
  3. Quicktype
  4. Photos/Memories
  5. Maps Update
  6. Apple Music
  7. Apple News
  8. Homekit
  9. Phone services
  10. Messages

User Experience-wise, the iPhone lockscreen has been redesigned. Notifications will no longer darken the wallpaper, and the lock screen will activate when the iPhone is picked up. Third-party apps will be able to interact with 3D Touch from this screen far more than currently possible with iOS 9. This widgets — which allow you to 3D Touch an Uber notification, for example, and see where the car is in real time — are part of an overall revamped control center, one designed with 3D Touch in mind.

Siri ’s API has been opened up to third-party developers, which will have huge ramifications on your daily life come this fall. While Apple used sending a message via WeChat as their example, this functionality means that Siri will now be able to do things like play a song from Spotify, or even Hype Machine.

In the same vein of thought, the Quicktype keyboard will be updated in iOS 10 to integrate more with Siri. This will allow Siri to offer “intelligent suggestions,” according to Apple, similar to those seen in other messaging apps, such as streamlining sharing your current location or a contact’s information if you’re talking about it. Other “intelligent suggestions” include intelligent scheduling, calendar availability, recent addresses and multilingual typing support using a single keyboard.

The Photos app will now include an iPhone-based AI system to catalog your iPhone’s camera roll using geolocation and facial recognition data. This will create automatic photo albums — whether it be for a vacation or a daycation with friends — in a new tab in the Photos app called Memories.

The official Apple Maps app has been redesigned and will now offer more proactive suggestions, as well more filters to sift through search results with. The Maps app will be able to integrate with CarPlay systems to a greater extent than currently, supporting turn-by-turn directions in dashboard screens built into newer cars and reporting traffic conditions in real-time.

Apple Music has been redesigned from the ground up. The Connect tab is gone — at long last — and tab labels will now be emphasized with giant fonts. Lyrics will be available in-app for every song, and issues with the now-playing status bar have been resolved.

Apple News has been given a facelift, to make it seem more newsy-esque, and there’ll be more breaking news notifications. Subscriptions, like used to be possible with the now defunct News Stand app, are back.

Homekit will be given its own dedicated app in iOS 10, which will essentially replicate the same functionality now possible with third-party apps developed using the Homekit API. The Homekit update includes integration with the aforementioned new Control Center, as weil as video and streaming support.

Phone-wise, Taking a page from Google Voice, Apple will now transcribe voicemails for iPhone users with visual voicemail turned on. Integration with a third-party API will also allow greater spam caller protection, which is currently a major issue in China, according to Apple. VoIP apps will also be integrate far more smoothly with iOS 10 than currently, with a Facebook or Whatsapp call appearing the same way a regular phone call from a contact may appear.

Last but not least, fun and games will be coming to Messages. The update introduces elements seen in Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger, such as window animations, in-line media from pasted links and sticker/GIF integration. For example, iOS 10 users will be able to send a picture via Messages that must be unboxed, appearing as a greyed-out preview overlay until the recipient decides to click it up, and font sizes can be shifted dynamically to better represent the tone of conversation. Call it EmojiOS.

iPhones after the iPhone 5, as well as iPads going back as far as the first iPad Mini, the third generation of the iPad and the first iPad Air model will be compatible with iOS 10. 5th and 6th generations iPad Touch will be able to run iOS 10 as well.

That’s about it for WWDC announcements for iOS 10. What are your favorite new features, or what did Apple leave out that you were hoping for (Dark mode!)? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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