Call Of Duty: WWII Aachen Map Revealed Along With Beta Week 2 Content

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Call Of Duty WWII Aachen
Call Of Duty: WWII will add this Aachen map to the Private Beta this weekend, and it gives snipers some more space to explore. Trolleys cause havoc in its center lane. Call Of Duty: WWII comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC Nov. 3. Sledgehammer Games/Activision

Call Of Duty: WWII will begin week 2 of its Private Beta on Friday, Sept. 1, and Sledgehammer Games recently gave PlayStation the scoop on the upcoming content. It features a brand new map called Aachen, as well as fan-favorite modes and weapons.

It’s quite possibly the biggest addition to the beta, so let’s start by talking about Aachen. As shown above, it takes combatants to a dilapidated city in Germany that’s apparently been devastated by the conflict. With so much sloping scenery and the trolleys in its center lane, Armored and Mountain Division players are going to find a lot to love about the setup. For those who prefer an assault rifle or SMG, there’s also plenty of room for firefights in the streets. In contrast to the previous three maps, this one is a bit more open for exploration. Check out a full flythrough of it below.

Alongside the new maps, the second weekend of the beta will also feature a couple new weapons and Scorestreaks too. Here’s everything mentioned in the stream.

  • A previously unseen sniper rifle
  • M1A1 Carbine
  • Flamethrower Scorestreak
  • Mortar Strike Scorestreak

Capture The Flag will also join the roster of available modes. The Team Deathmatch score limit will be raised to 100, and kills in Domination will earn 100 points each. Some upcoming content that won’t be in the beta, however, is the beloved Search and Destroy mode, as well as a map voting system that’s been temporarily removed to encourage play of all maps. Sledgehammer reps said the final level cap will also be raised, but there’s been no word about how that shift might impact the Division level cap.

Many of these changes were referenced by Sledgehammer alluded to many of these changes at the end of week one, so it’s great to see the adjustments happening so swiftly. Some common complaints may require slightly more thought before implementation, though. Frustration with overpowered incendiary shells and fast-detonating grenades may not be addressed at all. In other words, some community issues are being reconciled immediately while others may require mastering a learning curve.  

The Call Of Duty: WWII Private Beta took place this past weekend, and gave PS4 players the chance to experiment with three multiplayer maps and the game’s new objective-based War mode. One major difference this week is that this expanded version of that previous test will also be available on Xbox One. The PlayStation host still emphasized access as a pre-order bonus, so that might mean it won’t be going public anytime soon. Thankfully, XFINITY is offering keys to its internet subscribers.

Call Of Duty WWII Private Beta week 2 runs Sept. 1 through Sept. 4 on PS4 and Xbox One. A PC beta will arrive eventually, but Sledgehammer has not revealed details at this time. Click here to read our full impressions of weekend one.

What do you think of the new Aachen map? Will you be enjoying more of the Private Beta this weekend? Tell us in the comments section!

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