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Call Of Duty: WWII will host its Resistance event Jan. 23 through Feb. 27. An Activision blog post tells players what to expect including 2XP rewards, Demolition mode and special gear to suit the occasion. A new Division will also be added to the game, and it’s free for all players.

Speaking first to the Resistance Division, it draws some inspiration from the stealthy Rousseau character featured in WWII’s single-player campaign. Upon each new level, Resistance fighters will earn the following rewards: a Pistol-Tactical Knife combo, the ability to scramble mini-maps of nearby foes, an extra pistol attachment and a special mini-map with increased visual cues.

Call Of Duty WWII DLC 1
Call Of Duty: WWII’s Resistance DLC introduces four multiplayer maps and a new Zombies chapter. Resist German occupation throughout Europe. Call Of Duty: WWII Resistance comes to PS4 Jan. 30. Photo: Sledgehammer Games/Activison

The new class type also adds the 9mm SAP Pistol, but it can be used by all Divisions. That gun is joined by the new Volkssturmgewehr rifle, Orso SMG and Combat Knife melee weapon unlocked via special Orders. Once you’ve got all the firepower you need, Captain Butcher will be around to sell you Resistance-themed gear. Independent of collections, fighters can earn one free Resistance Supply Drop per week that will instantly unlock some of the goodies. It looks like those will dispatch every Tuesday with Order and Contract drops Thursday through Saturday.

Three modes will be featured during the Resistance event: Gun Game, Demolition and Prop Hunt. For those unfamiliar, Demolition is basically Search & Destroy with the ability to respawn. Prop Hunt is a game of hide-and-seek where opponents conceal themselves as environmental objects. Both modes have been in Call Of Duty games before, but it’s the first time we’ve seen them in WWII.

The Resistance event is, of course, meant to celebrate the PS4 releaseof the Resistance DLC on Jan. 30. As dictated by the dates, however, it looks like the fun carries over to when Xbox One and PC receive the content one month later. In addition to many free goodies for vanilla players, season pass owners get three new multiplayer maps and a War Mode map called Operation Intercept. True to the theme, players will take control of the French Forces Of The Interior as they attempt to resist German occupation. To round out the set, The Darkest Shore brings Nazi Zombies teams to a foggy island north of Germany.

Now that we know the Resistance event begins Jan. 23, we also assume that’s when Call Of Duty: WWII’s next big title update will drop. Among the many fixes listed for consideration, Sledgehammer staff has mentioned health regen time, Scorestreak balance and spectator mode glitches as top priorities. A server-side weapon balance patch was dispatched Thursday afternoon.

Call Of Duty: WWII is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Resistance DLC can be pre-ordered on PS4 for its Jan. 30 release.

Is this Resistance event what you hoped to see from Call Of Duty: WWI’s next seasonal party? Tell us in the comments section!

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