Call of Duty Warzone: Season 5 Release Date Revealed

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5
Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Activision

As Season 4 is nearing conclusion, Call of Duty: Warzone is ready for Season 5, releasing next Thursday, August 12.

In a recent tweet, Call of Duty revealed a short trailer of what appears to be a hacker sending a live broadcast from a control tower. The caption states that Vikhor Kuzmin, also known as “Stitch,” is launching the final stages of his plan.

What’s Coming in Season 5?

While Season 5 won’t be here until next week, the developers have provided us with a glimpse of what to expect.

First of all, some operators from the Shadow Company are joining the fight, featuring senior officer Marcus “Lerch” Ortega.

Aside from that, a new train line will provide players a means of traversing Verdansk like never before. No additional information was provided, though it would be interesting to see how the community will use it to their advantage. Also in Verdansk, a new battlefield called the “Stadium” will be opened.

New Weapons

It has become a tradition where players can always expect new weapons to be added every season.

That said, the official website has revealed two new weapons: The AN-94 Assault Rifle and the ISO Sub-machine Gun. The former has a unique “Hyperburst” feature which may provide players a way of firing multiple bullets in one click. The latter is said to have an impressive fire rate, though the devs may likely increase its recoil to balance it out.

New Maps

Call of Duty Warzone Livestock Map
Call of Duty Warzone Livestock Map Activision

Four new maps are expected to launch in Season 5. These are Livestock, Petrov Oil Rig, Harbor, and the Verdansk International Airport.

The Livestock map looks similar to a standard farm and ranch setup. The Petrov Oil Rig is surrounded by cargo ships, plus a submarine that may provide plenty of opportunities for players to hide.

The Harbor map, true to its name, is filled with shipping areas and fish markets. Perhaps this may be a busy map considering how many spots players can use as their vantage point.

And lastly, the Verdansk International Airport is a high-player-count map where there are a lot of areas to cover. Depending on how many players stay on the battlefield, finishing the game may require more time than other maps.

These are the things that have been revealed thus far. More information may be divulged as we are nearing the launch of Season 5.

So, what are the things you’re most excited about in the next season?

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