Call of Duty: Warzone New Assault Rifle and QoL Changes Added in Latest Update

Season Four Reloaded
Season Four Reloaded Raven Software

Season Four Reloaded for Call of Duty: Warzone has begun. Aside from new game modes and limited-time events, the game’s latest update offers new weapons and quality-of-life features as well.

The Vargo-S is a new assault rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone which boasts incredible accuracy and fire rate at the cost of some firepower. This is an excellent weapon to use in medium- and long-range fights.

Some quality-of-life changes have been implemented in the Season Four Reloaded patch as well. When a player has money and a redeploy token for a buyback, the money will now be spent first. However, if the player only has a redeploy token available, only then will the token be used.

In addition, the Armored SUV - a vehicle that was first introduced at the beginning of the season, now has Nitrous Boost. Players can zoom past enemies now with relative ease!

Call of Duty: Warzone offers nearly 200 weapons at this point. So, returning players who have not played the game for a while might have a hard time choosing the right one. Fortunately, the developers introduced a new feature that adds the “Recommended” tag to certain weapons in each category.

New Weapon: Vargo-S Assault Rifle
New Weapon: Vargo-S Assault Rifle Raven Software

The Season Four Reloaded update also brought weapon adjustments, some of which can be found below:

  • NZ-41 (VG)
    • Sustained Recoil Control decreased
    • Max Damage range decreased to 33.5 meters, down from 35.6 meters.
    • Min Damage decreased to 30, down from 34
    • Neck Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.27, down from 1.3
  • Nikita AVT (VG)
    • Movement Speed Scale increased to 0.87, up from 0.86
    • ADS Movement Speed Scale increased to 1.22, up from 1.2
  • KG M40 (VG)
    • Max Damage Range decreased to 30.5 meters, down from 33 meters
    • Min Damage decreased to 25, down from 26
    • Headshot Locational Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.46, down from 1.5
  • CR-56 AMAX (MW)
    • Headshot Locational Damage Multiplier increased to 1.6, up from 1.56
    • Min Damage increased to 28, up from 24
  • KILO 141 (MW)
    • Mid Damage step removed.
    • Min Damage increased to 23, up from 18
  • H4 Blixen (VG)
    • Headshot Locational Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.46, down from 1.5
    • Min Damage decreased to 27, down from 28
    • Movement Speed scale decreased to 0.9, down from 0.91
  • UGR (BOCW)
    • Upper Extremities Locational Damage multiplier increased to 1, up from 0.9
    • Max Damage increased to 39, up from 38
    • Max Damage Range increased to 11.45 meters, up from 10.8 meters
    • Mid Damage Range increased to 17.17 meters, up from 15.26 meters

The full changelog can be found on the official site.

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