Call of Duty Vanguard July 26 Patch Brings New Map, Operator, and Weapon

New Operator
New Operator Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty Vanguard received a major update today. The mid-season update of Mercenaries of Fortune Season 4 Reloaded brings new content for both MP and Zombies mode. You can also expect lots of bug fixes.

New Map and Operator

The update added a new map called Desolation, set near the Pacific mountainside, littered with tons of destructible, which should motivate dynamic gameplay scenarios. Desolation 24/7 Featured Playlist has been added as well. A new operator, Ikenna Olowe (Immortal) is introduced in the game; you can get him by purchasing a bundle.

New Weapon

A new weapon, Vargo-S, is added to the game. It has a high firing rate and high accuracy but comes with low firepower. It is best used in medium to long-range engagements. You can access it in MP mode by getting 15 Close Range Kills. To get the gun in Zombies mode, you need to kill 20 or more enemies without getting hit 50 times via Assault Rifles. You could also just purchase its respective bundle to get the gun in both modes. However, keep in mind that the new weapon and the Serpentine perk are restricted in Ranked Mode for the time being.

The highlights of the patch are mentioned below.



  • Enemy nameplates can no longer be seen through various surfaces across multiple maps.


  • Blueprint Gun Game
    • Added several new Blueprints to the pool of available Weapons.


  • Added Inspect animations for the M1916 Marksman Rifle, Skål Crusher, Ice Pick, and Sawtooth Melee Weapons.
  • Increased grace period for slide kills challenges from 0.15s to 0.5s after sliding.

User Interface & Experience

  • Players will no longer receive a Notice prompt with unreadable text after game updates.
  • Rarity Sort Filter in the Armory will no longer reset after previewing a Bundle.
  • Battle Pass items that are Free for Clans will no longer incorrectly display as Unlocked for players who are in an inactive Clan.
  • Corrected the behavior of the Clear Weapons New button after switching tabs in the UI.



  • Wonder Weapon
    • Wunderwaffe DG-2
      • Increased reload speed of the weapon.
      • Addressed an issue where zombies were sometimes not being killed after being hit with the weapon.
      • Addressed an issue where zombies were not being electrocuted with the weapon if they were previously under the effects of a stun grenade.


  • Round-Based Adjustments
    • Crafting Table
      • Reduced cost for crafting Armor in Round Based Zombies mode only.
        • Level 1 - 500
        • Level 2 - 1000
        • Level 3 - 2000


  • Zaballa the Deceiver
    • Increased the Zaballa round spawn cooldown in Shi No Numa.
    • Zaballa will no longer enter an immune state.

You can read the complete patch notes via the official site.

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