Call Of Duty Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 4 Now Live, Here’s Everything It Adds

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare/Warzone's highly anticipated Season 4 update is now live, and oh boy is it a big one. Just like several other Modern Warfare updates, this update will also give your internet a run for its money. You will have to download over 40GB worth of content if you want to continue playing the game. However, developers have confirmed that the new update is not just about the content, but it also rebuilds several game files. After downloading the update, console players' game file size will only rise by 4GB. The size of the update on all the platforms is as follows.

  • PC (Modern Warfare + Warzone): 45GB
  • PC (Warzone-only): 39.6GB
  • PS4: 32.5GB
  • Xbox One: 44.3GB

Weapon Mastery Challenges!

Developers have added tons of new features to the game. We now have Weapon Mastery Challenge, where players will be able to complete these challenges when they get the Gold for the weapon. There are a total of eight Weapon Mastery Challenges, two of them will be Kill challenges, two will be headshot challenges, and the rest of them will be additional challenges. Completing every single challenge will get you a reward, and you will get an additional rewards if you complete all challenges for 51 weapons. Rewards include a cool looking sticker and a Player card.

Warzone In-Match Events

Infinity Ward wants to make Warzone a little bit more interesting. That’s why they added new events that can become active in any match. There are a total of three in-match events and there will be no advanced notice when they start. You won’t be able to predict which event will be active and when.

Jailbreak is my favorite event. This event will revive every dead player and throw them back into the match, even if you are in a Gulag waiting for your 1v1 or are in spectator mode. You will get one more chance at getting that victory. There will be a one minute notice for everyone. Of course, this won’t bring back players that have already left the lobby.

Fire Sale is inspired by the perk in Zombies mode. This event can help turn the tide of the match. You will be able to grab several items from Buy Stations for a massive discount. A few select items will be available for free and you can also bring back dead teammates for no cost. Fire Sale will only last for one minute, and it will not discount Loadout Drops.

The Supply Choppers event will bring a heavily armored chopper. It is a non-lethal chopper, which means it can’t kill you, but it will have tons of health. Destroying this chopper will give you some very high-quality loot. The Supply Chopper will stay on the map for only a limited amount of time, so you better get shooting! Other players can also steal your loot once you destroy the chopper.

Contraband Contract System

Warzone now has one more type of Contract, and it gives much better rewards. These rare Contraband contacts can only be played if you completed a previous normal contract. You will have to grab a Contraband briefcase and deliver it to a helicopter at the fixed extraction point. By doing this, you will complete the mission and will be rewarded with a permanent Blueprint reward.

Other Changes

That's not all the update does, as we also got many changes in the playlists. Ground War saw the addition of the map Barakett Promenade. You can now play Trench Mosh Pit (2v2) and Scrapyard 24/7. Blueprint Gunfight is also made available.

Warzone now has tons of modes, You can play Battle Royale in Quads, Trios, Duos, and Solos. A brand-new mode, Warzone Rumble, has also been added. This mode will have two teams of 50 players each. I have a feeling that every match of Rumble is going to be chaotic AF.

New weapons and blueprints have been added in Warzone as well. You can get your hands on Fennec, CR-56 Amax, Renetti and many more weapons. Two more special modes are also available in Special Operations. The additions are Just Reward – Veteran and Just Reward – Regular.

The latest Season makes several other changes. Infinity Ward was kind enough to release the complete patch notes. You can read said patch notes on the official Infinity Ward site.

So what do you think? Are you excited about the new Season? Have you been playing the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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