Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's Season One Offers New Battle Pass System

New season comes with new battle pass.
New season comes with new battle pass. Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare officially launched Season One. With Season One, players get access to the game's first ever battle pass system. There's also a progression stream that is separate from Officer and Enlisted Ranks. In addition, players can get more than 170 new items by simply getting the Battle Pass and playing the game. Here we take a quick look on this new Battle Pass System.

Let's start with the obvious, which is the Free Tiers. Here, players can earn rewards by simply playing without even buying the Battle Pass. Items up for grabs include the RAM-7 bullpup assault rifle, which can be unlocked when players reach Tier 15. Meanwhile, the Holger-26 LMG can be accessed by reaching Tier 31. While players can play and progress through the tiers, the only items they are going to earn are the ones limited to the free items in the battle pass system.

For those who do buy the Battle Pass, they're going to get access to all 100 tiers. The good thing about purchasing the Battle Pass is that players get exclusive rewards. Just by buying the Battle Pass, players immediately receive Mara, the new Season One operator. Mara joins the Coalition’s forces as a WARCOM member and brings with her years of intel gathering and clandestine operations experience, all in order to assist in tracking down that chemical weapon shipment.

Other highlights within this new Battle Pass include some top-notch timepieces like the ‘Disco Stud’, Operator Skins like D-Day’s ‘Nightmare’ attire, and weapon blueprints like the ‘Hadir’s Right Hand’ sniper rifle from the Modern Warfare campaign. Players can buy the Battle Pass at any time throughout the season. It provides the rewards of previous tier progressions once the Battle Pass is purchased, meaning that players who already have ranked up on the free track don't have to start over.

There is also the Battle Pass Bundle which not only unlocks 100 tiers, but also lets players immediately skip to Tier 20. Like the Battle Pass, the Bundle can be purchased anytime throughout the season. It also rewards players with all of their previous progression tiers once they buy it.

Time to get into the game unlock those tiers and get the rewards.

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