Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Free Zombies Access This Week

Time to fight the undead.
Time to fight the undead. Treyarch

Ever miss shooting at the undead? Then it’s your lucky day, or make it a lucky week. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is inviting everyone to join the Zombies Free Access Week. It’s going to start on January 14 and run through January 21. That means an entire week of zombie-slaying, all for free! During this period, players get access to different modes.

Die Maschine

In this mode, a particle collider in an abandoned WW2-era laboratory located in Poland appears to have opened a rift leading to where animated undead and monstrosities abound. You are part of Requiem, an international response team, and need to infiltrate the DZ while making sure to survive different waves of zombies. You have the choice to discover more about the secrets of Die Maschine or exfiltrate early to save your life.

A total of four players can drop and try to survive. Everyone must work together and use dozens of weapons along with lethal and tactical equipment. Players can also use special Field Upgrades like an Energy Mine or even the Healing Aura, which can insta-heal.


For those looking for that extra challenge, then Cranked is a good choice. You and your team get airlifted in with a loadout of your choice. The thing is, once the first zombie hits the floor, the Cranked timer starts ticking. Why is this important? Well, your Operator is going to explode if you fail to kill another zombie before the timer reaches zero. As the game progresses, the timer is going to be shorter and shorter. To give you a breather, keep a close watch on the Cranked Timer Power-up, which can temporarily freeze the time for everyone.


This is the third mode available but for now, it’s limited to PlayStation players. This is actually a new two-player Zombies experience that’s played on the multiplayer maps of the Black Ops Cold War.

Prepare for the onslaught.
Prepare for the onslaught. Treyarch

In this mode, you and your partner get to fight against hyper-aggressive zombies using whatever is available in your loadouts. However, unlike the other Zombie modes, this one has a Dark Aether Ord, which confines you to a rather specific space on the map until it’s charged by the souls of the undead. When the safe area shifts, the surges of enemies become difficult and accompanied by clearly powerful Elites.

Time to download the game and get to shooting the undead to pieces.

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