Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Receives Huge Midseason Reloaded Update

Call of Duty Cold War '80s Action
Call of Duty Cold War '80s Action Activision

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has released a midseason update called “Reloaded” and it comes with lots of new things and massive weapon balance changes.

The patch has kicked off the ‘80s Action Heroes event with John McClane and Rambo joining the fray as operators. Players participating in the event will have the chance to unlock new weapon blueprints and customization items based on the Die Hard and Rambo franchises.

Both John McClane and Rambo will be available in the store and you will also have the chance to get the new multiplayer mode called “Guns Blazing” for a limited time.

The classic action heroes are not the only ones that are coming in the update. You can expect new prestige shop content, new weapons like Baseball Bat and AMP63 Machine Pistol, new multiplayer maps, and more.

Major Weapon Balance Changes

Treyarch has made quite a lot of tweaks to weapons, especially snipers and assault rifles. The purpose of these changes is to make sure that each type of weapon stands out when players use them.

Snipers have received massive changes and the developer has two goals in mind. The first is that they want to create meaningful differences in how snipers are used compared to other weapons. Second, they want to give snipers a more defined role through specialization.

To that end, they now have their own custom flinch wherein every time a player gets hit, the flinch is more pronounced.

This is even more so when you use ADS or “Aim Down Sight.” With ADS Momentum, as the developers call it, you can feel the "weightlessness" of the weapon after aiming down sights and rapidly exiting the scope, without fully returning to the hip-fire position.

Different attachments are also factored in and may change the weightiness of the weapon when entering or exiting ADS.

Assault rifles have been heavily adjusted as well. Bullet velocities when using these weapons are improved to make them more potent than submachine guns at long range.

Using assault rifles also do more damage now, especially when making a headshot. AR rifles that have 5.56 ammo now have a 1.4x headshot multiplier, while those that have 7.62 ammo have a 1.25x multiplier.

The changelog is exhaustive and it details the changes and new things you can expect in the game.

What are you most excited about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Reloaded update?

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