Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Retains Quads For Alcatraz

Quads are here to stay.
Quads are here to stay. Treyarch

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 revealed that it released an update which replaces Alcatraz Duos with Alcatraz Quads. There's also going to be Duos Moshpit. Finally, some changes have been made to Contracts, though this is limited to consoles for now.

According to Treyarch, the developers have been looking at wait times for Blackout across regions and have been optimizing playlists in order to make sure that people get into matches quickly and reliably. To make this happen, LTM Moshpits were introduced along with a new rotating playlist schedule. However, this change came at the expense of those who wanted to exclusively play core modes.

It was also discovered that the Daily Contract schedule didn't line up properly with the latest playlist schedule. This resulted in players not being able to complete some Contracts on certain days. In addition, PC players have long been asking for ways that matches can start sooner.

To answer these issues, Black Ops 4 is introducing the new Duos Moshpit which features Ambush Duos, Hardcore Duos, Down But Not Out Duos, and Close Quarters Frenzy Duos. This is good news for those who want more Duos matches. Treyarch assured players that for those who want it simple, core Duos is going to be added to the rotation more frequently in the near future.

Another big change is that Quads is now permanent and Alcatraz Quads is replacing Alcatraz Duos. This has been a common peice of feedback as players revealed that it was more fun to redeploy into Alcatraz as a full squad. While there were those who continue to want the Duo model, Alcatraz looks be better when it comes to fours.

Meanwhile for console players, all Contracts should now always line up with the playlists currently live in Blackout. What this means is that players should no longer be able to get a Daily Contract, or even a Hard Contract, that can’t be completed that day because the mode required was currently out of rotation.

Changes were made to the maximum player count as well. For the Moshpit game types on consoles, the maximum player count is now 80. Hopefully this should allow for a balanced chance of matching into any available LTM. For the PC, however, the maximum player count was lowered to 60 with a minimum requirement of 50 players for all core and limited-time mode playlists. This should allow for faster match start times across the board, while also ensuring the maximum player count of 40 in Alcatraz.

In order to improve the matchmaking ecosystem, Treyarch also brought the PC playlist selection back to just three playlists per week. It’s clear that these different changes were made to improve gameplay. As long as the feedback keeps coming, Treyarch said that they are willing to make changes.

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