Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Launches New Season With Operation Grand Heist

Operation Grand Heist
Operation Grand Heist Techspot

The latest seasonal event for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, dubbed Operation Grand Heist, is now available for free on the PlayStation 4. There are a number of new content offerings, from game updates to new game modes.

A new specialist has beed added as part of Operation Grand Heist. The newcomer is Outrider, and she has brought and her longbow Sparrow. While she already appeared in previous games, this marks her debut in Black Ops 4. She is available for both Multiplayer and Blackout.

Ghost Town has been added as a Blackout location, and it comes with two areas. The ground area is inspired by classic multiplayer map Standoff and offers flanking routes that players can use for medium and long ranged battle. Players can also explore the underground area inspired by the Buried map.

A new mode for Blackout is also included in the Operation Grand Heist update. Called Hot Pursuit, this mode marks the official debut of three new vehicles: a muscle car, an SUV, and the PBR assault boat. These three will come in special variants matched to the theme of the season.

Operation Grand Heist also comes packed with a Zombies mode and new perks. The new modes is a Gauntlet challenge on the Classified map. The new perk is titled Ethereal Razor, and it's a dream perk for melee players. Ethereal Razor allows a player’s melee hits to deal more damage, deal area of effect damage, and regenerate your life.

Treyarch Co-Studi Head Dan Bunting said in a press release that with this new season, they have managed to bring new content and are excited for the fans to experience. He added that they “love the 1970s-style heist theme of the new content.”

Aside from the free content, owners of the Black Ops Pass can find even more in-game content. The extra updates include two new multiplayer maps called Casino and Lockup. Black Ops Pass holders can also get Cosmic Silverback, a new Blackout character.

Operation Grand Heist will be offered to other platforms at a later date. You can view the full details of this new update here.

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