Caladrius Blaze Releases On Switch This July

The game is now available for the PS4 and PC.
Caladrius Blaze makes its way to the Switch on July 18.
Caladrius Blaze makes its way to the Switch on July 18. Moss

The action-packed shoot ‘em up game Caladrius Blaze is coming to Nintendo Switch next month; are you ready for it?

Caladrius Blaze was developed by Moss and will be published for Nintendo Switch by H2 Interactive on July 18. It will be released both digitally and physically in Asia and only digitally for the rest of the world.

Caladrius Blaze features the Shame Break system that allows you to have a look at the amazing eye-catching graphics for characters and bosses as their clothes are torn apart each time they take damage. You can also enjoy the awesome graphics and sounds from the production filled with famed stars such as the character designer of Durarara!! and Devil Survivor, Yasuda Suzuhito, as well as Oboro Muramasa’s sound designer, Basiscape.

The Story Mode does not disappoint as well, featuring a lineup of well-known voice actors. You will be able to enjoy the story of every character in the gothic horror world. If you want to experience more storylines, you can use the two-player coop mode that lets you combine different characters and get the experience you’ve been looking for. Story Mode is not the only mode there is, you can also try out the Rush Mode and the Score Attack Mode.

Some of the most interesting features are the variety of storylines for over 15 characters. Eight characters and ships each have one-of-a-kind abilities you can choose from. There’s also an ‘Element Shot’ system that lets you level up your weapons strategically, The game doesn’t lack accessibility options as well, featuring two modes that beginners can enjoy: the ‘Tutorial Mode’, and the ‘Synchro Mode’.

If you can’t wait until next month, the game is already available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The price for the Steam version is $24.99. If you want a PlayStation 4 version, you can get it for $29.99. What do you think about Caladrius Blaze? Are you thrilled to see this game come to life on your Nintendo Switch console? Tell us about it.


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