Gundam Wing Finally Gets The Incredible Collector's Ultra Edition Blu-Ray Set It Deserves

gundam wing main characters
Gundam Wing. (c) Sunrise

I owe a lot to Gundam Wing, and so do many other fans. In today’s Gundam Wing panel at Otakon, when the moderator asked whose first Gundam series was Gundam Wing, almost every hand went up. That’s what makes this news all the more exciting: Gundam Wing is finally, finally going to be available on Blu-Ray in the West (the series has been available on Blu-Ray in Japan since 2013).

Not only that, there’s an unbelievable Collector’s Ultra Edition I pre-ordered before I even wrote this article, just in case writing this meant someone snatched that limited run of awesomeness before me. These come courtesy of Nozomi Entertainment and Right Stuf Anime . Check out the deets below:

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Collection 1 Blu-Ray

anime mobile suit gundam wing blu-ray collection 1 primary
Gundam Wing Blu-Ray Collection 1. Photo: (c) Sunrise
  • Contains episodes 1 to 25

  • Features Clean Openings 1 and 2 as well as Clean Ending (meaning versions of both opening credits and the ending credits without credits text over the animation)

  • Release Date: 11/7/2017

  • Retail Price: $74.99

  • Pre-Order Price: $48.74

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Collection 2 Blu-Ray

anime mobile suit gundam wing blu-ray collection 2 primary
Gundam Wing Blu-Ray Collection 2. Photo: (c) Sunrise
  • Contains episode 26 to 49

  • Features everything from Collection 1

  • Pricing and release date same as Collection 1

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Collector's Ultra Holy Freaking Heck Man Edition Blu-Ray

mobile suit gundam wing collectors ultra edition blu-ray
The Gundam Wing Collector's Ultra Edition Blu-Ray set. Photo: (c) Sunrise
  • Sorry, I added in “holy freaking heck man,” that’s not actually part of the title, I’m just really excited

  • Retail Price: $269.99 (YOWZA)

  • Pre-order Price: $175.49 (Slightly less YOWZA but still GADZOINKS)

  • Episodes 1-49 (duh)

  • Operation Meteor OVA (Japanese Audio)

  • Endless Waltz OVA + Movie (Japanese/English Audio)

  • High-quality chipboard art box

  • 5 large art cards

  • 5 small art cards

  • 3 posters

  • 5-piece metal pin set

  • 180 page hardbound art book featuring pages of amazingly detailed key art, promotional artwork, mecha and character design galleries, staff and cast interviews, storyboards, and more

  • Disc full of exclusive extras including the New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop Picture Drama and cast interviews

  • Special features are subject to change

  • Bottle of my tears included free of charge (kidding. This is not included)

Listen, I don’t get excited about collector’s editions often, nor do I think the prices are usually worth it, but the Gundam Wing collector’s edition is practically a little Gundam Wing library kit. The 180 page hardbound art book has me chomping at the bit. As for Frozen Teardrop Picture Drama , I think original Gundam Wing scriptwriter Katsuyuki Sumisawa says it best:

“[T]his definitely isn't just a bloopers reel or a by-the-numbers addition. It's a brand-new story, that will challenge the cast to reach new and different heights. The footage will combine Sakura Asagi's beautiful art with MORUGA's powerful portrayal of mecha. With TV main episode director and Endless Waltz director Yasunao Aoki storyboarding and directing, I think we have the staff necessary to make something great. Fans, see Heero and company in action again!”

PS: That collector’s edition is limited edition! Ooh, aah:

Pictured below is actual footage of me slamming that MFing “order” button at checkout:  


What do you think about the newly-announced Gundam Wing Blu-Ray sets? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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