Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Announcement Trailer Shows Switch Release Date In 2020

The series makes a return after 20 years.
Happinet Games officially announces Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia, due out for the Switch next year.
Happinet Games officially announces Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia, due out for the Switch next year. Happinet Games

A brand-new strategy role-playing game from Happinet Games has just recently been announced. Titled The Legend of Runersia, the game follows an epic fantasy plotline and launches worldwide for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

The Legend of Runersia is set in the continent of Runersia; a realm that has been showered with Mana since the ancient times. This Mana is a mystic power given as a gift by the Rune God to the humans. The lucky ones who receive this power develop great strength in sword and sorcery as well as the ability to summon ancient monsters and bend them to their will, they are called “Rune Knights.”

The conflict begins when five Mana stones found on this continent have been embedded into “Brigandines”: armors worn by the Rune Knights. As time went by, these Brigandines slowly became symbols of people, nations, and ideologies and have started a divide in the form of tribes with conflicting ideals, beliefs, histories, and faiths. This era of war is the backdrop of The Legend of Runersia. Players choose from the five Brigandine nations below or join a nation without a Brigandine, and start their journey to unify the Continent of Runersia.

  • Brigandine of Justice, worn by the Norzaleo Kingdom.
  • Bringandine of Glory, worn by the Republic of Guimoule.
  • Brigandine of Freedom, worn by the Shinobi Tribe.
  • Brigandine of Sanctity, worn by the Mana Saleesia Theocracy.
  • Brigandine of Ego, worn by the United Islands of Mirelva.
  • Nation without Brigandine, the Holy Gustava Empire.

The Legend of Runersia’s gameplay focuses on two phases: the Organization Phase and the Battle Phase. In the Organization Phase, you arrange your troops, summon monsters to increase your military might, equip over 250 types of weapons and armors, and more. As for the Battle Phase, this is when you choose which troops to send into battle. The resource is Mana, which can be used to create your army and summon monsters.

The game’s mechanics can be likened to the Civilization series, with its hexagonal battle maps that require careful planning and strategizing to utilize. It also brings into account the map topography, unit strengths, weaknesses, and more.

For those looking for a fantasy inspired role-playing and strategy game, watch out for more updates for The Legend of Runersia, which is scheduled to release in Spring 2020.

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