'Breath of the Wild' Lynel Farming Guide: How To Beat Hyrule's Most Powerful Enemy For High-End Weapons And Loot

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A Lynel in Breath of the Wild. (c) Nintendo

Lynels are Hyrule’s most powerful enemies, stronger even than some of Breath of the Wild’s main bosses. Other sub-bosses like the Molduga pose challenges of their own, but the Lynel is unquestionably their king. Still, some high-tier weapons require Lynel drops to be upgraded to the highest level, while the Lynels themselves drop some of the best equipment in the game. Check out our guide to farming Lynels in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild below.

There are four types of Lynels:

Lynel : (HP 2000) Drops Lynel Horn, Lynel Hoof, and Lynel Guts

Blue-Maned Lynel : (HP 3000) Drops Lynel Horn, Lynel Hoof, Lynel Guts

White-Maned Lynel : (HP 4000) Drop Lynel Horn, Lynel Hoof, Lynel Guts

Silver Lynel : (HP 6000): Drops Lynel Horn, Lynel Hoof, Lynel Guts, Amber, Opal, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond

The most common attacks a Lynel uses are melee-based, like sideways-sweeps, overhead blows, spinning attacks, as well as bull-rushes, where a Lynel will charge Link to knock him off his feet. All of these attacks can be perfect-guarded and most of them can be perfect-dodged. The exact timing for successful counters depends on the weapon the Lynel is holding, so you'll need a lot of practice.

Try making a manual save before fighting a low-rank Lynel and practice perfect-guards until you are comfortable with them. Reload and repeat till your timing is perfect. This might sound extra, but you’ll improve fast and this exercise will really help you in other encounters against different types of Lynels.

At long distances or when Link is at an elevated position, Lynels fire elemental arrows at you. Lynels are quite accurate and can switch between shooting straight at you precisely or use curved trick shots. They have unlimited ammo as well. A long-range duel won’t work out well for you, so avoid them.

The Blue-Maned, White-Maned and Silver Lynel can throw large, fast fireballs your way. If you want to dodge, sprint perpendicularly and you should be okay. But if you’re close, sprint diagonally to the Lynel’s side, just sideways enough that you avoid the first fireball, but not so far out that you move away from your enemy. Once in range of the Lynel, use a charged attack with a two-handed sword while the Lynel throws its remaining fireballs. Stay on the move as you spin and circle around behind the Lynel to stay out of reach.

High-rank Lynels emit large soundwaves with their roars and follow up by slamming their weapons on the ground, casing a fiery explosion with a huge blast radius. Sprint away to escape the area of effect or block it with your shield. This attack has a long charge-up time, so use this chance to land a few blows while the Lynel is preparing it. You can also use this time to shoot an arrow at its face, stunning it.

If you’re confident with your defense, try using counters against Lynels. Perform perfect-guards against all physical attacks and follow up with standard combos. The strongest Lynel varieties may take a while to go down using this method, depending how strong your weapons are, but it works consistently as long as you have proper timing and a lot of practice. If you’re caught off-guard but an assault is incoming, cast Stasis+ to freeze your opponent in time for a second or two.

The best strategy for expert players is pinpoint-accurate marksmanship. Hit a Lynel’s face with an arrow to stun it, which can be hard since the hit box is small and the Lynel is fast and agile. But it’s not as bad as you might think. Equip a multiple-shot bow, pre-align the camera towards the Lynel’s face and shoot from the hip rather than aiming directly. The gyroscope-based motion controls will let you make last-second adjustments before your arrow flies.

Utilize face shots when the Lynel is preparing its slow fire explosions attacks or after perfect-guarding a melee attack. With every successful face shot, you can follow up with a few blows, then mount it (hit A when close to its butt) for some bonus strikes that won’t reduce your weapon's durability. Once dislodged, draw the paraglider and shoot another arrow in the face with the help of the slow-motion effect.

If a Lynel is really beating your butt, use Urbosa’s Fury (the power from completing Vah Naboris ). Unleash the final hit of a charged attack (after triggering a perfect-guard or something) and this will make lightning hit the area, which stuns your opponent and causes major damage. This lets you deal a few more blows and mount the Lynel. Try to save the full three charges of this special power for the Lynel encounters to make your life a lot easier.

Some locations have multiple Lynels in a small zone, like Hyrule Castle, where you can take down two or three in a row and fill your inventory with their powerful shields, bows and weapons. Once you perfect the techniques above, farm Lynels for these late-game combat items and make sure you’re never caught out without a backup.

Have you mastered farming Lynels for high-end gear and drops? Do you have any tips and tricks for beating Hyrule’s most formidable foes? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our guides:

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