'Breath Of The Wild' Leviathan Bones Side Quest: All Leviathan Skeleton Locations Revealed

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Rage against the Talus in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. (c) Nintendo

If you visited the Serenne Stable, located just north of Ridgeland Tower, then you may have encountered three guys chatting about Leviathan Bones. Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to help the researchers find three Leviathan skeletons. Here's how to complete the Leviathan Bones side quest in Breath of the Wild.

First head to Serenne Stables to speak with the three researchers. Onya will tell you, "I'd really like to see the leviathan skeleton in the Hebra region." Reply that you'll try your best and he'll tell you he'll be waiting for you, even though he doubts you'll be able to return. Don't let him faze you, because the side quest isn't very difficult – after all, you're Link!

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The location of the first Leviathan skeleton is near Gerudo Town. Head southwest of the town to look for it and capture a picture of its enormous skull. For players that have trouble entering Gerudo Town, click here to read the guide

The second location is at the East Deplian Badlands, located far north of the Eldin Mountains. Once again, take a photo of the Leviathan skull.

Lastly, the third Leviathan skeleton is hidden within Hebra North Summit. Be sure to wear some cold resistant clothing and food to aid you on this last piece of the side quest. East of the Hebra North Summit, you'll find a tiny square of water on the map – head over there and you'll find a glacial cavern. You must use Crynonsis to create a pillar to fill the hole before chucking a giant snowball down a hill in order to knock down the gate. Enter the gate to the cavern and you'll find the last Leviathan skeleton. What's more, you'll also find the To Quomo shrine underneath the bones. Once again, take a photo of the Leviathan skull.

Return to Serenne Stable with your three photos and you'll be rewarded a gold rupee.

Check out the gameplay guide via YouTuber GamerThatSucks13 below:

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