Breach Patch Notes: Valley of Kings Update Now Available

Valley of Kings in-game loading screen.
Valley of Kings in-game loading screen. Breach Wiki

QC Games has released its first major update for Breach. Dubbed as Patch 0.1: Valley of Kings, this will be the first of monthly major updates to be released. QC Games said that it will also be releasing weekly updates and bug fixes in between the monthly updates.

The update includes a new map called Valley of Kings. It combines dusty sands with frosty catacombs. A new boss is introduced as well: the Goddess of War, Sekhmet. This Egyptian goddess uses regal magic and combines it with feral rage to tear enemies apart. The update also allows players to be able to queue for their games as either Hero or Veil Demon.

The most exciting addition in the Valley of Kings update is the Medic Hero class. As the name implies, this class focuses on healing allies. This allows for new strategies to come into play. The Medic Hero's Healing Microbots skill allows her to heal any allies. Reconstruction allows the Medic to direct all her microbots to one ally allowing for instant heal. With Arcane Converter, the Medic can redirect her microbots to focus on an enemy, giving burst damage. Lockdown forces enemies to stay in one place. Her ultimate is called Microbots Triage, which heals allies in a specific area.

The update also tests the new Ranking System where players can track how much they are winning and losing in Co-op vs Player matches.

Along with the release of the update, an Early Access Pass is now available to purchase for $10. This bundle offers access to Breach, 2,000 QC Points, and a XP/Gold boost for 30 days. As thanks for supporting the game, QC Games will also be giving players who bought the Founder’s Pack 3,000 QC Points in the first month of the Early Access.

You can read more about the patch on the Breach website.

QC Games also announced that it will be having its first invitation tournament this coming March 2, 2019. Top livestreamers invited to compete will get a chance to win from the $10,000 prize pool. Viewers meanwhile will also get a chance to win Alienware PC and even a NVIDIA graphics card.

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