Brawlhalla: Prepare to Enjoy New Content and New Ranked Season with Heatwave 2022

It's time for summer.
It's time for summer. Blue Mammoth Games

It's a big day in Valhalla and you know why? Heatwave 2022 has arrived in Brawlhalla and for this year, the celebration comes with exclusive seasonal items like the new Skins for Lucien and Lord Vraxx. In addition to the new content, Heatwave 2022 also marks the beginning of Ranked Season 25.

New Content

Let's start with the new content that everyone can enjoy:

  • Exclusive Seasonal Skins
    • Vraxxy Jones
    • Deep Sea Lucien
    • Riptide Petra
    • Beachside Zariel
    • Thor by the Shore
    • Brawl Dad Isaiah
    • Wipeout Nix
    • Pool Party Diana
    • Water Wars Cross
    • Island Azoth
    • Hotshot Vector
    • Atlantean Orion
  • Podium
    • Heatwave 2022 Podium
  • Colors
    • “Heatwave” Colors
  • KO Effect
    • “Hot Lava” KO Effect
  • Avatars
    • “Endless Heat Wave” Avatar
    • “Ice Kor-eam” Avatar
  • New Title Reward: Heat Warrior
  • Water balloons that replace snowballs.
  • +250 bonus Gold per login.
  • A summer fun UI Takeover with new main menu music.

Brawl of the Week

For the Brawl of the Week, what better way to celebrate summer than with a 3v3 Beachbrawl. The goal is to score the most points after two minutes. Teams get one point for each ball they can get past the goal of the opposing team. Simple right?

Ranked Season 24 Rewards

The start of Ranked Season 25 means that Ranked Season 24 is done, and it's time to get those rewards. Those placed in Gold, Platinum, or Diamond are given a ranked border that people can see on the match preview screen. Ranked Avatars are also available and to get these, players need to play at least 10 games at any rank. For Season 24, these include:

  • Competitor’s Badge: Awarded to anyone who plays 10 Ranked Games or more.
  • Gold Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at Gold or above.
  • Platinum Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at Platinum or above.
  • Diamond Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at Diamond.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is still active, and Enter the Fangwild offers 85 tiers of exclusive rewards. Tiers can be unlocked by playing Brawlhalla and completing missions. All players get access to the Weekly Missions and unlock even more items. The Battle Pass season started in late June and will last for 12 weeks.

Features of the Battle Pass Season 6 include:

  • A free track extending through all 12 weeks of the Battle Pass.
  • A purchasable Gold Track with additional exclusive rewards like the new Fabled Overgrowth Progression Podium.
  • All players are granted access to all the Weekly Missions.
  • The first ever Battle Pass-themed Emojis, including animated Emojis.
  • Two new Maps that include the first-ever animated backgrounds.
  • Brand new Brawl of the Weeks called Fangwild Switchcraft and Fangwild Scuffle.
  • For all the completionists, a special Avatar and Title Reward await those who can make it through all 85 tiers.

Learn more about what Heatwave 2022 has to offer here. Brawlhalla is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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