Brawl Stars Balance Changes: Game Gets Huge Update With Nearly Every Character Receiving Buffs Or Nerfs

Brawl Stars Balance Changes
Nearly every Brawl Stars brawler is getting balanced in the January 2018 update. Find out who will get buffed and nerfed. SUPERCELL

Brawl Stars has undergone a number of changes since Supercell dropped the initial soft-launch version last summer, and with the global release rumored to be just a few months away, balance changes and game tweaks will likely come at us quite frequently in the near future. In today’s update alone, we saw 17 out of the 19 available brawlers receive balance changes that either nerf or buff their abilities. Below, we’ve put together a run-down of all the balance changes that were implemented in Brawl Stars this update period, along with details on other game tweaks made this cycle. Check them out.

Brawl Stars January 2018 Balance Update: Which Brawlers Are Getting Buffed?

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Nine brawlers receive buffs in the January 2018 Brawl Stars balance changes update. Photo: Supercell

While a number of Brawlers are getting knocked down a notch in this month’s update, the majority will see their skills buffed. Here are the nine brawlers getting boosted in the January balance changes.

  • Bo - Bo was intended to serve as a kind of ranged mini-Tank. His skills have been buffed as follows: Health increased from 3200 to 3600.

  • Darryl - According to the devs, Darryl isn’t seeing much play time in high-trophy games as he comes off a little weak in comparison to other tanks. His buffs are as follows: Increased health from 4600 to 5000; Increased main attack damage per shell from 320 to 360.

  • Dynamike - Launching Dynamike weapons require more skill to maneuver than Barley’s splash damaging bottles, so he’s seeing a buff to his main attack. Changes are as follows: Main attack damage increased from 720 to 800 per dynamite.

  • El Primo - I’ve never been a huge fan of El Primo due to his short range.  Apparently, the devs also felt he fell a bit short when compared with Bull, which is why he’s getting a health buff this update. His changes are as follows: Health increased from 5800 to 6000

  • Jessie - I love Jessie and her devastating turrets, but her low health causes me to think twice before I choose her. This month, she gets a nice set of buffs that’s sure to make her one of my favorites again. Her changes are as follows: Health boosted from 2800 to 3200; Star Power Healing increased from 600 to 800.

  • Nita - Nita is another favorite, but her short range means she is often pummeled by tankier opponents. This month, she gets three big changes that should up her game. They are as follows: Health boosted from 3400 to 3800; Star Power healing increased from 200 to 300; Bear speed increased from 500 to 550.

  • Poco - A lack of play in high trophy games means Poco gets two buffs: Decreased reload time from 2.0 to 1.8s; Increased Star Power healing from 200 to 300.

  • Spike - There was a time when Spike could inspire fear in my mortal soul, but lately he’s not much of a challenge. This month, he gets a decreased reload time from 2.2 to 2.0 seconds , which should give him a bit more game.

  • Tara - Tara’ gets a little help with her Super damage, increasing it from 560 to 800.

Brawl Stars January 2018 Balance Update: Which Brawlers Are Getting Nerfed?

  • Colt - Colt gets a lot of use across all game modes, which indicated to the devs that he may be a bit OP. As a result, he’s seeing the following nerfs this update: Main attack range decreased from 10 to 9; Star Power speed increase reduced from 100 to 50.

  • Bull - In the last update, Bull got some buffs that made him a little too OP and so he got the following nerfs to balance him out: Decreased health from 5400 to 5200; Star Power now triggers at 40% health instead of 50%.

  • Richochet - Richochet’s range is killing it. apparently. so he received a health nerf that reduces it from 2800 to 2400.

  • Pam - Pam has become queen of Smash & Grab and so she is balanced with several new nerfs and buffs. They are as follows: Healing Station’s heals per second reduced to 320 from 360; Healing Station health decreased from 3600 to 2800; Bullets per attack reduced from 11 to 9; Decreased reload speed from 1.6 to 1.2; Increased health from 4000 to 4200.

  • Mortis - If you know how to use him, Mortis has been OP from day one. While he is truly dominant in Brawl Ball, with various past balance changes, he’s lost a lot of his edge in other game modes. As a result, Mortis received a mixture of buffs and nerfs to make him more balanced across game modes. His changes are as follows: Health increased from 2800 to 3200; Damage increased from 640 to 800; Speed increased from 650 to 700; Main attack range reduced from 3 to 2.33 tiles.

  • Barley - Barley’s bottles are a pretty easy weapon to maneuver and so the devs have tweaked his speed and health a bit to make him more balanced, yet distinguishable from Dynomike. His changes are as follows: Main attack projectile fly speed reduced by 15%; Star Power healing increased from 100 to 200.

  • Crow - Crow’s attack speed was a little too fast. this month, his Super Jump speed is reduced by 20%

  • Shelly - Despite being the first character you unlock in Brawl Stars, Shelley has been an ongoing favorite in high trophy games. This month, she sees a small nerf to her Star Power slowdown, reduced from 3.0 to 2.5 seconds.

Other Changes In Brawl Stars January Update: Events See Balances

While not as frequent as brawler balances, game modes sometimes see changes as well. This month, three events are getting the following tweaks:

Heist - Attackers saw a slight advantage in this mode. Safe health in every map but GG Corral has been increased.

Robo Rumble - Second and third boss are getting increased health. Map has been adjusted to make luring enemy bots impossible.

Bounty and Smash & Grab - Certain maps favored long-range Brawlers so there have been Level adjustments made to Cabbage Patch, Mushroom Cave, Bone Box, and Terracotta Square. This should make these maps more friendly to short range brawlers.


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