The Dragon Warrior Ready to Bring Awesomeness in Brawhalla

Time to be awesome.
Time to be awesome. Blue Mammoth Games

The Brawlhalla and Kung Fu Panda crossover is finally here. That means players can expect none other than Po to bring to the fight those kung fu skills. He won’t be arriving alone as he is joined by Tigress and Tai Lung, which are sure going to give exciting brawls.

This latest crossover features, among others, three new custom Signature effects and Weapon Skills. Get to enjoy a new Showdown game mode and even a Ranked map with a Kung Fu Panda theme. Po and the gang arrive in the game with Patch 5.05.

Meet the Legends

Without a doubt, the game has become even more exciting with new brawlers. For this crossover, the three legends are:

  • Po Epic Crossover
    • With his ultimate love of Kung Fu, the Dragon Warrior is ready to fight and does so with Mantis and Crane beside him.
  • Tigress Epic Crossover
    • Loyal and powerful, this warrior is ready to strike and has Viper and Monkey willing to help.
  • Tai Lung Epic Crossover
    • He may be fighting alone but his Chi Stopper and Chorh-Gom Cuffs are something players need to look out for.

Other features arriving with this new crossover include:

  • KO Effect: Master Shifu
    • Help your enemies find that inner peace with this new KO Effect.
  • A new Ranked Map called Spirit Realm, featuring new level music.
  • Daily log-in bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate this Epic Crossover event.
  • A new Kung Fu Panda-themed UI Takeover with a new main menu, character select, and victory theme music.

There’s also a new Brawl called 1v1 Showdown. This is the first walk-off map that features pressure plates, which when triggered, can activate throwing stars or arrow traps. The first to 5 KOs wins.

Game Improvements

As mentioned, the new crossover arrives with Patch 5.05. One of the improvements is on the Jötunn Winter Brawlball map art. It was updated to improve clarity, particularly around the team walls.

Changes have been made to the animation as well, such as:

  • Adjusted shoulder positioning on the Sword idle animation and torso positioning on Sword Side Light to avoid limbs from disconnecting on certain skins.
  • Adjusted multiple emote animations to better work with certain bkins.
  • Extended the Katar’s Ground Pound animated loop frames.

Read all about the crossover and Patch 5.05 here.

Excited about this new crossover? Head over to Brawlhalla and time to be awesome!

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