Borderlands GOTY PS4 Trophies Leaked, Is Announcement Coming Soon?

Borderlands is coming to PS4 soon if these trophy leaks are to be believed
Borderlands is coming to PS4 soon if these trophy leaks are to be believed Gearbox

Video game leaks typically involve information about upcoming games making the way to the public eye before the game is released. However, this latest Borderlands news is leaking before the game is even announced. If these leaks from reddit user DeftonesBandPSN are to be believed, we have the Trophy list for Borderlands Game of the Year Edition on PS4.

The first time we heard about Borderlands on modern consoles was last year, when ratings popped up on the Korean Game Rating Board. Curiously, the rating doesn’t mention “Remaster” so it’s possible this is a straight port of the original release for PS3, PC and Xbox 360. Borderlands developer Gearbox has remained silent about the Rating Board leak, so the game still remains officially unannounced.

If DeftonesBandPSN isn’t scamming people with this Trophy list leak, Borderlands should be coming to the PS4 soon. Unfortunately, the leak doesn't mention any potential release dates. An Xbox One and PC release is likely to be the same date as the PS4 release. This information is all based on rumors, so it shouldn’t be taken as fact until Gearbox or publisher 2K makes an announcement.

So where’s the official announcement? It’s possible Gearbox is waiting for a second announcement (maybe for Borderlands 3) to include the Borderlands for modern consoles reveal. It would certainly help hype up a game release to add that a fan-favorite game is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

As for the Borderlands GOTY Edition Trophies list, the list is identical to the PS3 version of the game. Because all the DLC is included, this means there are a total of 81 Trophies to track down in Borderlands GOTY Edition. DeftonesBandPSN said the trophy icons are also the same and the only difference is the game icon on the PS4 menu screen.

If you are looking for Borderlands action on your PS4 or Xbox One, the most recent release for the franchise is The Handsome Jack Collection, which includes both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The Handsome Jack Collection is available right now.

So what do you think? Do you think this leak is legitimate? When will Gearbox announce Borderlands GOTY Edition for PS4, Xbox One and PC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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