Blue Protocol Character Classes Revealed Ahead Of Closed Alpha Test

There are four main ones at the moment, which are your stereotypical MMO character classes dressed in different names.
Here's some information on the character classes that will be made available in Blue Protocol.
Here's some information on the character classes that will be made available in Blue Protocol. Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s upcoming MMO Blue Protocol is currently in development, and ever since its initial screenshot teaser at the beginning of this month, we’ve already received countless plans, updates, a scheduled closed Alpha test from July 26 to 28, and details about what the plot will be. The four main character classes players can choose from have also been mentioned, namely the Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, and Spellcaster. Through the official Twitter account for Blue Protocol, we can see and learn the current state of character creation for the game and tidbits of information about each classes.

Aegis Fighter

First off is the Aegis Fighter. The Aegis Fighter specializes in close range combat, wielding a shield and sword as his or her primary weaponry. It can be said that offense and defense wise, the Aegis Fighter is the most balanced and can be expected to man the frontlines with his or her high defense characteristics. In the screenshots, the Aegis Fighter looks like a medieval knight, but with slight touches of futurism.

Twin Striker

If the Aegis Fighter is considered the “tank” class, the Twin Striker is the brawler/berserker type. Its description translates into “a short-range attack class” that fights by dual-wielding huge axes. The Twin Striker also utilizes skills that provides additional buffs to increase his or her combat power.

Blast Archer

Next up is the first ranged character class, the Blast Archer. Wielding a high-speed bow, the Blast Archer can pierce through anything by utilizing his or her weaponry and combining it with long range tactics. As expected from his or her Base Stats, the Blast Archer has Dexterity as the highest base stat.


The last one is the Spellcaster, who wields a staff and can manipulate and convert Engram. For those who do not know, Engram is the mystical light that Bapharian Divines, god-like beings that ruled Regnus thousands and thousands of years ago, created. Spellcasters are expected to provide burst damage with usage of elements such as flames, ice, lightning, and more.

Aside from the information about the characters, a number of screenshots have also been released showcasing character creation and customization options. We should expect to see more from Blue Protocol once its closed alpha test run has started, which runs from July 26 to 28.


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