Bloons TD Battles 2: XP Changes from Previous Patch Reverted in Update 1.6.1

Update 1.6.1
Update 1.6.1 Twitter/@btdbattles2

Developer Ninja Kiwi launched Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.6.1 on all platforms. The main focus here is to revert the XP changes implemented in a previous patch because it also affected unpopular heroes in the game.

For those who don’t know, the developer adjusted the hero XP gain in the previous major update to limit the power of stronger heroes in the early/mid-game. Players who want to get powerful abilities much quicker must spend money to do so.

While it was a good idea on paper, less popular heroes, such as Quincy, Cyber Quincy, Gwen, Science Gwen, Churchill, and Sentai Churchill, were badly hit by the XP change. Thus, they’ve reverted the XP gain for these heroes only to the amount used before Update 1.6 to encourage more players to use them.

Patch Notes

  • Engineer Monkey
    • xx4/xx5 Bloon Trap can no longer be affected by attack speed buffs such as Overclock
    • x4x Overlock buff to Banana Farm changed from x1.67 to x1.5
  • Fixed regen rainbow bloons crashing the game if allowed to regenerate indefinitely. Regen bloons will now stop regening while there is an exceptionally high number of bloons on screen.
  • Fixed Buccaneer being unable to attack frozen MOABs with its ability
  • Fixed longer upgrade descriptions overflowing from the text box.
  • Fixed Sun Avatar drawing sacrifices from the Sun Temples range instead of the Sun Avatar’s range
  • Fixed some players getting the previous season’s badge if they ended the season on 20 trophies
  • Fixed some bloons appearing as magenta squares and being untargetable.
  • Fixed BFB Colosseum not having animated water.
  • Fixed incorrect text in Obyn’s brambles description
  • Fixed UI overlapping incorrectly during some transitions
  • Fixed lag during the tutorial
  • Fixed daily freebie chest sometimes appearing in chest queue
  • Fixed event rewards sometimes not being given if the event ended while a game was in progress.
  • Fixed games sometimes restarting after a resync before both sides had properly synced.
  • Fixed ads sometimes not giving rewards after watching them

What can you say about the XP changes being reverted for a handful of heroes in Bloons TD Battles 2? Are you ok with it or would you rather have Ninja Kiwi leave things as they were?

Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.6.1 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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