Bloons TD Battles 2: Update 1.3.1 Fixes Alt-Tabbing in Fullscreen Mode and More

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A minor patch has been deployed for Bloons TD Battles 2. Update 1.3.1 mostly contains bug fixes, including a major fix for alt-tabbing in fullscreen mode.

If you’re playing Bloons TD Battles 2 in fullscreen on PC and running into an issue where alt-tabbing doesn’t work, you must update the game immediately. That’s because Update 1.3.1 has brought a much-needed fix that resolves this particular problem. This is a pretty good one because you can now use alt-tab to go to your web browser in between matches, for example.

Speaking of PC, if you’re having disconnection issues when playing the game with crossplay, you will be happy to know that the developers also implemented changes to minimize their occurrence.

In addition, the new Star Map, introduced in a previous update, is now available on all game modes.

While Update 1.3.1 focuses on providing some bug fixes, this patch does bring two balancing changes as well. First, the Dartling Gunner’s base cost has increased slightly from $825 to $900. Second, the Banana Farm’s xx5 Monkey Wall Street upgrade has its cost increased from $37,500 to $42,500.

Patch Notes

  • Star Map is now available in all game modes
  • Dartling Gunner
    • Base Cost: $825 > $900
  • Banana Farm
    • xx5 Monkey Wall Street: $37.5k > $42.5k
  • Made changes to help improve disconnect issues when playing crossplay over desktop and mobile
  • Fixed Tackshooter Super Maelstrom ability being unable to pop frozen bloons
  • Fixed Ben wearing fabulous glasses in the menus and lobby
  • Fixed inconsistent delay between bloon sends when sending grouped bloons
  • Fixed 400 Dart Monkey incorrectly using the damage value from the 500 weapon
  • Fixed 005 Dart Monkey using dart visuals instead of crossbow bolts
  • Fixed 005 Wizard never creating zombie BFBs
  • Fixed crash when tapping towers after reconnect
  • Fixed crash when collecting from a Bank
  • Fixed visual issue where mismatched heroes could be displayed in the lobby of Random Quad games
  • Fixed being able to see the opponent’s target on manually targeted towers (e.g. Dartling)
  • Fixed crash when using Alchemist’s Total Transformation ability
  • Fixed incorrect XP icon showing on mastery items on mobile
  • Fixed Alt-Tab shortcut not working in fullscreen mode on desktop
  • Fixed Obyn’s Brambles ability not using manual targeting

Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.3.1 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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