Bloodhunt: Tremere Update Introduces the Scholar Archetype

Tremere Update
Tremere Update Sharkmob AB

The Tremere update for the vampire battle royale Bloodhunt is now available on all platforms. This update introduced the titular clan, as well as a new support archetype that can skewer enemies using Blood Sorcery.

Meet the Scholar

Tremere Update
Tremere Update Twitter/@Bloodhunt

Clan Tremere is a group of powerful warlocks that has access to a potent form of Blood Sorcery called Thaumaturgy. That said, the Scholar is one of the new archetypes in Bloodhunt that comes from the new clan.

While deemed as a support archetype, the Scholar actually has a few nifty tricks that can provide healing to her teammates or damage enemies using Blood Sorcery.

The Scholar’s passive power is called Vital Knowledge. Enemies damaged in any way by the Scholar are revealed briefly. With this ability, the Scholar’s enemies literally have nowhere to hide.

Blood Lance, the Scholar’s archetype power, has a few interesting properties. First, this pierces through matter, letting the lance go through walls and other obstacles. Enemies who thought they could hide from the projectile are in for a deadly surprise.

Second, the Blood Lance automatically kills enemies below 50 HP, resulting in a bloody explosion. Paired with Vital Knowledge, the Blood Lance is a perfect way to end any foe's life, assuming that they’re on the brink of death.

And third, the Blood Lance actually heals the Scholar for every successful hit. Because the Scholar can no longer commit diablerie on an enemy killed by the lance, this ability heals her for 100 HP instead. The Blood Lance can also be targeted toward allies, thus healing them in the process.

As part of Clan Tremere, the Scholar can levitate and fly around the battlefield for a short time. When using the clan power, there’s a new resource bar that pops up at the right side of the HUD. Levitation requires a minimum of 20 resources to activate. Players can use the jump or crouch buttons to go up or down, respectively.

The scholar can learn the following perks:

  • Level 1: Bandolier
  • Level 3: Phlegmatic
  • Level 6: Nobility
  • Level 10: Melancholic
  • Level 12: Physician
  • Level 14: Knight
  • Level 16: Impervious
  • Level 18: Survivor
  • Level 20: Marshal

So, what can you say about the new Scholar archetype in Bloodhunt?

Bloodhunt Tremere update is available on PlayStation 5 and PC

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