Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt Some Archetype Powers Getting a Facelift in Combat & Power Update

Combat & Power Update
Combat & Power Update Twitter/@Bloodhunt

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt has a new patch that improves select archetype powers.

There are seven different classes in the game and each has its own archetype powers. In the Combat & Power update, you will find that several archetype powers in Bloodhunt received some facelifts to make them more appealing to use.

The Vandal’s Earth Shock, for example, has its base damage increased. But more importantly, it deals more damage the higher the point is that you drop from relative to the target you're applying the damage to. In other words, use Earth Shock from a higher ground for maximum damage. To balance Earth Shock, the knock-up force is reduced so that enemies hit have a slightly shorter downtime than before.

According to the Bloodhunt dev team, they saw that people were too content with just using their guns to finish the match. They are hoping that the changes made to archetype powers in this patch will open up new avenues for strategic play.

You can read the other archetype power adjustments below:

Shockwave Punch (Brute)
  • The knockback force of the Shockwave punch is increased, which makes it not as easy to follow up with ranged weapons as before. But the power has had its damage increased to compensate, and it makes the power more potent when pushing people off a high ground, which can be incredibly useful in the right situations.
Blinding Beauty (Siren)
  • The Archetype power will now also silence the affected opponent, but the duration of the effect is slightly shorter. Enemies may still use their powers as a reaction to your casting but find themselves in a worse spot if they decide to take the fight.
Scouting Famulus (Prowler)
  • Scouting Famulus now has the added effect of making enemies take more damage from all sources. This effect makes following up with ranged weapons (or even melee weapons) a good option. It also helps this ability be used more in combat since it has been lacking in utility when you already have your target in sight. Now it can help you get that extra burst damage if used in combination with an ambush for example.
Unyielding Charge (Enforcer)
  • The damage output has been doubled.
Shackled (Warden)
  • The cast speed has been sped up.
Sewer Bomb (Saboteur)
  • The damage output has been increased.
Rejuvenating Voice (Muse)
  • The instant heal amount has been raised slightly, and it now is more difficult for other players to interrupt the channeling.

So, what can you say about the improved archetype powers in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt Combat & Power update?

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