Bloodborne Player Uses Cannon to Beat the Game

Bloodborne player uses just a cannon to beat the game.
Bloodborne player uses just a cannon to beat the game. Sony PlayStation

One of the reasons why players and fans alike love Bloodborne is the fact that it lets you use a wide variety of weapons. You are not limited to a certain weapon type which can sometimes bore you to death. Interestingly, someone has found a way to beat the game by only using a cannon.

The cannon is a really unique firearm in Bloodborne in that it could deal huge damage to enemies. The only catch though is that it drains resources so quickly that you can only use the weapon once or twice during a fight. Well, this has not really stopped the player from completing the entire game using the weapon.

A YouTuber uploaded a video on how players can complete the game just with a cannon. For those interested, the weapon can be obtained from the Forbidden Woods area and requires at least 30 strength for players to wield it. The almost 18-minute video also discusses the build needed to achieve the feat, before it shows a montage of the weapon eliminating even some of the most difficult monsters in the game. And mind you, these monsters were deleted in mere seconds (watch the video below).

It is also worth noting that the strategy can work really well against bosses from The Old Hunters DLC. YouTube ymfah can even be seen killing Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower and even Laurence the First Vicar with a cannon. By the way, the YouTuber is also known for completing other titles like Skyrim in the most bizarre of ways.

Bloodborne became an instant hit, especially for Souls fans. It is specifically praised for having a much bigger focus on aggressive gameplay. In the game, players can regain a portion of their health just by attacking enemies, though it must be done within a certain time limit. Moreover, the game gives players flexibility in terms of combat as they are allowed to transform their weapons. This ultimately gives them access to more moves or combos – something they can do just by using the same piece of equipment.

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