BlockQuest Maker Releases On PS4 In Japan This July

BlockQuest Maker is coming to the PlayStation 4 in Japan on July 4.
BlockQuest Maker is coming to the PlayStation 4 in Japan on July 4. WonderlandKazakiri

WonderlandKazakiri’s RPG, BQM – Block Quest Maker, will be out in Japan for PlayStation 4 on July 4.

BQM – Block Quest Maker was first released last year for Android, iOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game allows you to craft your own dungeon RPG with puzzles and traps. BQM gives you two tasks: Challenge and create.

Do not take the game lightly. Just because of its pixel art style is very similar to Crossy Road doesn’t mean it’s easy. BQM – Block Quest Maker is an RPG maker. You have to pass the dungeons while fighting monsters, saving the princess, and solving puzzles. You might fail a hundred or even more times, but that just makes victory greater when you finally reach it.

The developers reassured everyone that while the game itself has a high difficulty, it won’t be hard to create your own level for the RPG with this RPG Maker. You can simply click to set the elements, the triggers, pick a location to place the NPCs, and form your own unique dungeon. After you’ve perfected your level, you can share it to the public. You can talk to other players who finish or fail your level, and maybe gather some insight or make friends.

If you don’t like the idea of creating your own map, you can still enjoy the game by playing with dungeons made by fellow players. Don’t worry, because there will be a huge variety of maps made by players from all around the world. You encounter some that are enjoyable, some that are hardcore, and some that will get you addicted with its storyline. In fact, WonderlandKazakiri chose a number of maps created by players and made them official.

According to the developers, they call BQM an RPG because you will be wielding a sword and a shield, bombs, magic wands, and a number of skins to choose from. There are also monsters like orcs, skeletons, slimes, poisoned mushrooms, bomb men, snakes, spiders, and more that will have their own skills. NPCs are also present in the game to give out hints, trigger some events, and sometimes even fight if you attack them. Of course, this is all for the sake of saving the Princess.

You can communicate and befriend other players in BQM – Block Quest Maker. Much like Minecraft, however, there will be those who like your dungeon and those who hate it. You can publish your dungeon and set a price for the entrance fee; this way will let you earn gold from other players who try your dungeon.

BQM – Block Quest Maker will be available in Japan for PlayStation 4 on July 4. For now, you can already play it on Android, iOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and PC for $9.99. What do you think about BQM – Block Quest Maker? Tell us about it.


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