Blizzard Says Happy 20th Birthday To 'Diablo': 'Darkening Of Tristam' Special Event, 'Overwatch' Tributes And More

Overwatch Photo: Blizzard

To celebrate Diablo ’s 20th anniversary on Dec. 31, Blizzard is going all-out with Diablo tributes across all of its titles. Here’s what’s going on with the "Darkening of Tristam" special event, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and more over the next month:

  • Heroes of the Storm : The battle for the High Heavens continues, and a new Diablo-themed portrait is up for grabs! Can you emerge victorious on this hectic new brawl map?

  • Hearthstone : In this Tavern Brawl, a hooded stranger awaits, holding a grim deck in his hands. Will you unravel the secrets surrounding this dark wanderer?

  • Overwatch : Bring the battle for Sanctuary into the fight for the future with in-game sprays representing your favorite Diablo III classes—along with a new player icon modeled after the Lord of Terror!

  • StarCraft II : Put the Lord of Terror to work for you with a Diablo-themed worker portrait.

  • World of Warcraft : Strange things are afoot in the world of Azeroth as denizens of Sanctuary cross over into an unfamiliar world.

You’ll note that most of the Diablo tributes are just sprays and portraits, though some games offer a bit more than others. A whole new Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone? Nice.

Blizzard is also holding a special event in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls called “The Darkening of Tristam” that will "send you back into the depths of the Cathedral," according to Frank Pearce, Blizzard's chief development officer, during Blizzcon 2016’s opening ceremony. Players will get to enjoy a festive, 16-level dungeon that allows them to battle against Diablo ’s four main bosses.

The game will also come with visual filters that make it look grainy and old-school. "We call it 'glorious retrovision,'" said Pearce. The character movement will be locked to eight directions to make “The Darkening of Tristam” even more like a Diablo throwback.

"It will be a proper old-school Diablo experience," said Pearce. “The Darkening of Tristam” will be available to all characters, though Pearce recommended trying it out with a new character.

Also, “The Darkening of Tristram” is a free content update for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. You’ll need that expansion in order to experience the Diablo throwback content in the game.

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