Bless Unleashed Guide: Time To Battle And Learn More About The Combat System

Learn about the combat system.
Learn about the combat system. Round 8 Studio

Beginning today, Bless Unleashed servers have officially opened and the open beta has begun. To be a part of this open beta, players need to download the beta client from the Microsoft Store on their Xbox One.

Those who are able to participate get the "Breaker of Games" special title, while those who are up for a challenge can go for the "Dungeon Breaker" title. The open beta is available until November 21. In this guide, we look at the game's combat system wherein players typically use Combos, Blessings, and Dodging.


Hit your enemies with the right combo.
Hit your enemies with the right combo. Round 8 Studio

When you go to the combo page, you're going to see the different combos and passive skills that are available for your character. It's important to note that each class comes with its own set of skills and combos.

In order to perform a combo, you need to press specific buttons in the proper sequence. You can use the Left Stick in order to get a preview of what the combo looks like when you do manage to complete it.

However, not all combo moves are going to be available while you are still leveling your character. This is going to be indicated with a lock icon that is removed when the level the skill become available at is reached. You can still see a preview of the locked moves, though.


Fight better with Blessings.
Fight better with Blessings. Round 8 Studio

Blessings offer your characters skills and buffs to be used in combat. In order to be able to unlock skills and their respective buffs, you need to have enough Skill Points (SP). The good news is that once a Blessing's skills and buffs are unlocked, it gives your character a passive bonus, even if the Blessing is no longer equipped.


Be sure to dodge.
Be sure to dodge. Round 8 Studio

They say that the best defense is a good offense. A good way to mount an offense is to be able to dodge an enemy's attack, leaving them wide open for a counterattack.

While you may want to continuously attack, being able to dodge is an important strategy in Bless Unleashed. When timed perfectly, you can use dodges to defeat even the toughest of enemies.

Combat Interface

It's also important to know about combat itself. The way to enter combat is straightforward. You can either hit a monster or attract its attention. This is different for boss monsters, since combat is activated once you get inside a boss's battlefield.

Once you enter combat, the monster's name and health bar is then shown on top of the screen. There is also an indicator at the top in order to help you gauge the distance and difficulty of the monster you are facing in relation to your level.

The bottom part of the screen shows your character's health and status bars. On top of this are the buffs and debuffs received by your character while in combat.

Go for buffs and avoid debuffs.
Go for buffs and avoid debuffs. Round 8 Studio

Buffs increase the status of your characters, and are shown in green. Debuffs hinder your character when in combat, and appear red.

Quick Time Events

Finally, we take a look at Quick Time Events. These are events that are occasionally triggered during a monster fight or boss fight. These are on-screen prompts that appear when your character is stunned. Players need to press the proper buttons in order to be able to get out of this stun. These events can include mashing a set of buttons, pressing a specific button at the correct time, or dealing a specific amount of damage before a timer runs out.

Hopefully this is enough to get you started. Watch out for more of our guides for Bless Unleashed during its open beta run.

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