Blazing Sails Update 1.5.5: Quickplay, Bug Fixes, and More

Blazing Sails: Quickplay
Blazing Sails: Quickplay Steam

Blazing Sails recently got an update that brings back Quickplay, tweaks the water shader, and resolves some bugs.

The developers reintroduced Quickplay to ensure players get into a lobby without wasting too much time. You just have to select Quickplay, then choose between Battle Royale, Conquest, and other game modes. The game will automatically queue you into a lobby and search for the best match, which is quite convenient.

Blazing Sails Update 1.5.5

  • Quickplay has been added again
  • New submenu added for Quickplay to choose game mode
Water Shader Tweaks
  • New specular system which should produce a much more realistic/better looking specular
  • New subsurface system that scatters light through high waves depending on view angle
  • Distant foam no longer shows obvious tiling, now fades out into softer foam banks
  • Colors have been tweaked to look more natural (shader changes also make it possible to have deeper colors now)
  • Slightly optimized (performance-wise)
  • Wave height tweaked to be a slight bit wilder in the open ocean
Extra Sail Settings
  • Micro tear slider added to ship options
  • Sail dirt slider added to ship options
  • Sail top paint layer wear slider added to ship options
  • Added a fully interactive/playable tutorial to teach all the game's basic mechanics (video removed)
Waterpump Tweaks
  • Waterpump sound now matches the animation
  • Waterpump now also visually pump longer when upgraded
  • New waterpump sounds
Conquest Tweaks
  • Conquest flags now show a capture radius on the ground
Ship model Tweaks
  • Added Jacob's ladder planks to the side of the ships
  • Split up some long wooden railing bars on the hulls of the ships into smaller sections
  • Bomb vessel hull wooden planks texture stretching and tiling improved so it's more similar to the other ships
Gameplay Changes
  • Nockgun no longer fires single shots but instead can be aimed down sight again
  • Nockgun: Right-click (full volley) now became left click
  • Nockgun spread greatly decreased so it fires more precisely in medium range
  • Double barrel rifle fire rate increased in none aim down sight mode (in ADS mode fire rate is as before)
  • Double barrel rifle recoil increased with the same percentage
  • Sail turning speed has been slightly increased
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the nockgun to fire 1 extra pellet (8 instead of 7)
  • Removed an unnecessary delay for disconnection popups

You can read more about the update here.

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