Blankos Block Party Starting Private Beta On November 17

Founder's Packs offered.
Founder's Packs offered. Mythical Games

Blankos Block Party announced that it’s set to begin its private beta on November 17. An open beta is then scheduled to follow later this year. Blankos Block Party is an open-world multiplayer game that focuses on player-designed levels and collectible assets. The beta is going to be available for the PC.

Blankos Block Party offers an online world that uses blockchain in order to facilitate the economy while allowing players to buy and sell in-game items in return for real-world currencies. According to a statement by studio Mythical Games, Blankos Block Party makes use of its proprietary technology in order to track and verify purchases across any platform, ensuring that transactions are safe for everyone involved. In the same statement, Mythical revealed that through this model, they hope to eliminate “the need for grey markets and allowing the community to dictate the value of what is bought and sold in secondary marketplaces.”

Founders Packs are now available for purchase through fiat or supported cryptocurrencies in these package options:

  • Founders Pack: Ice
    • Price: $24.99
    • Offers:
      • Lolli Blanko
      • Three Lolli Themed Accessories
      • 2,500 Blanko Bucks
        • $25 in value
  • Founders Pack: Tako
    • Price: $49.99
    • Offers:
      • Tako Blanko
      • Two Tako Themed Accessories
      • One Tako Themed Build Item
      • One Tako Themed Item Wrap
      • 5,000 Blanko Bucks
        • $50 in value
  • Founders Pack: Bite Me
    • Price: $99.99
    • Offers:
      • Billy Bones Gold Blanko
      • Six Billy Bones Accessories
      • Two Billy Bones Build Materials
      • Two Billy Bones Build Items
      • One Billy Bones Build Basic Set
      • One Bite Me Themed Weapon
      • 10,500 Blanko Bucks
        • $100 in value
  • Founders Pack: Boss
    • Price: $149.99
    • Offers:
      • Boss Dino Blanko
      • Two Boss Dino Themed Accessories
      • Two Boss Dino Themed Build Materials
      • Three Boss Dino Themed Build Items
      • Two Boss Dino Themed Weapons
      • 15,000 Blanko Bucks
        • $150 in value

Each of the Founder’s Packs are going to be numbered in order of purchase and recorded on blockchain in order to enhance collectibility and future resale value for players. Regardless of which Founder’s Pack is purchased, it gives Priority Access to the Private Beta.

Mythical also announced that initial access for Beta testing is going to be focused on English-speaking countries including North America, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. The game is going to be available in most countries and in several different languages once released, a complete list of which is going to be confirmed closer to launch.

Learn more about Blankos Block Party here.

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