Blades Of Time Getting A Remaster For Nintendo Switch, Includes MOBA Mode

Includes a multiplayer MOBA mode. Wait, what?
Ayumi makes her way to the Nintendo Switch.
Ayumi makes her way to the Nintendo Switch. Gaijin Entertainment

A new Switch release is coming this May 14, and while the game looks decent, it’s the multiplayer mode that interested me.

Blades of Time, developed by Gaijin Entertainment, is one of those action games that seemed to blend in with the genre itself, to be forgotten after a certain period of time has passed. It’s been seven years since its original release, launching on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and OS X. In an effort to remind players about Blades of Time to hype up a Nintendo Switch port, Gaijin Entertainment released a trailer to show just what the game is all about. See it below:

Blades of Time is a time-warping hack-and-slash action-adventure title. It has swords, firearms and magic, and claims to feature fast-paced combat, though if you go by the trailer you can see that looks kind of slow. This remaster is an upgrade to the PC version of the game, which means that it should run better in every way, only now in a portable form. As for the story, here is the overview given by Gaijin Entertainment:

The story-driven single player campaign sees the daring treasure huntress Ayumi set out on a journey to an ancient island to reach the hidden treasures of a long-lost civilization. To fight her way through hordes of monsters and other creatures of magic, the heroine can perform more than 40 unique attacks, utilizing powerful melee combos, firearms, powerful magic and even rewind time.

Sounds a bit cookie-cutter for my tastes, but even then the variety in gameplay can make up for it. What did get me was the introduction of a multiplayer mode, which Gaijin has developed for this remaster.

For those ready to cross swords with real competitors, the game also offers a challenging multiplayer mode, uniquely combining the game’s third-person Hack ‘n’ Slash combat with strategic MOBA elements. Players can choose their avatar among several heroines and heroes, all featuring different skills and special abilities. Each player then takes charge of an army of NPC monsters, trying to be the first to destroy the enemy’s stronghold.

A MOBA in 2019? Now that’s interesting. Maybe I will pick this one up, but mostly to try out the multiplayer mode.

Blades of Time is set to be released on May 14 for the Nintendo Switch.

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