Blade & Sorcery: Highly Requested Swimming System Finally in U12

The Mod Manager Update
The Mod Manager Update Twitter/@BladeAndSorcery

Blade & Sorcery, the VR medieval fantasy sandbox game by WarpFrog, now has a fully-fledged swimming system in the latest update.

It’s Time for a Swim

Since the beach was added to Blade & Sorcery in U10, the company has been bombarded with requests to include swimming. Thankfully, WarpFrog finally incorporated it into the game in U12.

Now, there are two methods to swimming in B&S. The first is physics-based where you use both of your hands to swim just like you would in real life. The second method is by using the thumbstick to swim around. The latter is good if you’re not comfortable doing the swimming motions.

Right now, the swimming system is just another element to help you enjoy the game. Perhaps the company might add new things in the future that will make swimming mandatory to progress through a dungeon or something.

Climbing and Dismembering Made Easy

U12 also added a couple of cheats to make it easier for you to do certain things. If you had trouble climbing in Blade & Sorcery before this update, you might be ecstatic with the “Spiderman Mode” now available. Enabling this cheat allows you to climb on any surface, with or without a gripping point.

The other new cheat lets you dismember bodies more easily. According to the developer, the dismemberment system was initially designed to require a level of expertise. However, it was too cumbersome for most people, and that is why the cheat was made to alleviate that.


  • Added water drag area on some items
  • Added Breakable items
  • Overhaul of Shield enemies
  • Dynamic music system for Dungeons
  • Custom-made music tracks for each arena
  • New moddable area system (used for dungeon generation)
  • Armor modding support
  • Trap doors
  • Added a shortcut for the player log in the F5 menu
  • Added AMD FSR 1.0 upscaling (PC)
  • Updated to Unity 2021.3.17f
  • Added side rooms and doors in some dungeon outpost rooms
  • Updated models for a lot of props (crates, barrels etc)
  • Dungeon areas with Ocean no longer instantly kill player when you fall in to them, added climbable areas to return to the area.
  • Added ocean to Chapel river.
  • Updated some arenas with updated models for minor props (like flags)
  • Adjusted what props spawn in Arenas
  • Shield enemies in general should be more competent, and will opt for a more turtling and riposte fighting style than their non-shield counterparts.
  • New player menu
  • Improve text quality on all the UI (updated texts to TextMeshPro)
  • Fixed underwater effect not working with spectator camera
  • Fixed underwater caustics being too bright and staying on screen
  • Fixed Ruins terrain having no physics collider
  • Fixed several localization and language bugs
  • Removed "Reload JSON" from the Menu.

Blade & Sorcery U12 update is now available on PC.

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