Blade & Sorcery Patch Notes: New Optimizations, Bug Fixes Added In Update 8.3

Blade & Sorcery Update
Blade & Sorcery Update SSVAR

WarpFrog, the developer of Blade & Sorcery, has introduced multiple fixes to known bugs and added new enhancements to the game in its most recent update. The developers have added in multiple audio enhancements which make the game more immersive, such as death audio, footsteps audio, and others.

The new update also brought in a few performance optimizations to Blade & Sorcery which changes the texture sampling for the character and armor hit detection. A number of bugs such as shadows not appearing on characters and tracking not working as intended were also fixed in the latest patch.

Blade & Sorcery Update 8.3 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Screenshots are now saved to a smaller format (JPG, can be changed in game.json)
  • Added metal footstep audio
  • Added death audio
  • Added focus depleted audio
  • Added a debug option to disable armor detection on NPC (increase spawning performance)
  • Added an option to enable/disable character expression (decrease performance)
  • Added whoosh audio to fire imbue
  • Added haptic to imbue whoosh and spell charge

Performance optimizations

  • Optimized character texture sampling
  • Optimized armor hit detection
  • Misc optimizations


  • Added missing handle orientations on bucklers
  • Fixed feet tracking not working correctly
  • Fixed a shadow issue on characters
  • Fixed weapons on ground not being cleaned when level change
  • Fixed dropped bows not being auto-cleaned while in combat
  • Fixed NPC sometimes not dying when dismembered
  • Fixed HDR colors on screenshots
  • Fixed imbue issue with the small buckler
  • Fixed medium shield handle issue when swapping hands
  • Fixed left wrist stats position on female character
  • Fixed male/female ratio option not working
  • Fixed NPC pickup animation issue
  • Fixed female ragdoll joint limits issue
  • Fixed missing inner mouth on one of the male face
  • Prevent NPC to come and go when looking for weapon
  • Fixed slicing damage not being correctly applied
  • Fixed dual blade staff imbue acting on both blades
  • Fixed a misconfiguration preventing some shields to be pierced
  • Fixed fireball and lightning decals not showing on shields and props
  • Fixed reloadjson command not working
  • Fixed wrong damager icons on item spawner
  • Fixed flanged mace imbue flickering
  • Fixed bow and wrist blade imbue animation issue
  • Fixed archers missing their first shoot too much
  • Fixed water splash effect
  • Fixed arena flags rendering issue
  • Fixed staff not accelerating spell charge speed
  • Fixed missing audio when shooting fireballs from fire imbued staff
  • Fixed fire imbued staff not consuming imbue energy when shooting fireballs
  • Updated Unity to 2019.4.1 (may fix some crashes)
  • Misc error fixes


  • Added an option "allowDecals" on items. This option is disabled by default to avoid some imbue issue related to the shader conversion and missing variants
  • Merged "creatureID" and "creatureTableID" in creature table and wave JSON to an unique field "referenceID"
  • Merged "itemID" and "lootTableID" in container and loot table JSON to an unique field "referenceID", allowing JSON mods to append any existing container and/or loot table ("referenceID" being the JSON merge key)
  • PlayerDefault container spells and apparels will now be loaded each time the game start (should be useful for mods adding spells or changing player outfit, as you simply need to override this JSON)
  • Fixed custom holderSlot not working correctly
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