Blade Assault Coming Out of Steam Early Access Next Week

Prepare for the full version.
Prepare for the full version. TeamSuneat

Blade Assault is finally leaving Steam Early Access with Version 1.0 launching on January 17. There's a lot to look forward to with the full version like the final act, which was not available in Early Access. Players can also expect to try out three playable characters, each having their own unique playstyle and even signature weapons.

For the full version, there are more than 200 various items, including Cores, Gears, and Enhanced Weapons that players can use to equip their characters. When it comes to enemies, there are three new bosses added, making the total bosses to seven. Those able to finish the game can try the Assault Level, which offers endless hard mode waves of enemies that's sure to challenge even veteran players. There is also the Friendship System where players can make friends and earn rewards from NPCs.

For those wondering, Blade Assault is set in a world devastated by the Red Stone War. It's divided into three regions with one of them being the sky city Esperanza, the place where the rich and powerful rule over the world. There are the outside grounds infested with mutants and the Undercity, where most of the people have sought refuge from mutants. Players take on the role of a resistance force based in Undercity and fight against the corrupt military of Esperanza.

Post-Launch Plans

Just because there's a full version doesn't mean it's all done. The folks at TeamSuneat revealed early the plans for the game's new content.

One of these is the new playable character named Jett. The team said that he was initially set to be released sometime in the last quarter of 2021. However, since the priority was to improve the core game system, it was decided to delay his release. No date has been given but Jett is joining the game along with Mari.

Some of the new pieces of content arriving include:

  • New weapons for the existing characters.
  • Each chapter is going to be updated with a new boss.
  • New Transformation Cores to be added.
  • Diverse Gears each with its own unique to be added.

Read more about those plans here.

Blade Assault is available on PC.

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