Blade and Sorcery: Stealth and Inventory Systems Added in Home Update

Blade and Sorcery
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Have you ever dreamt of becoming a warrior, ranger, or sorcerer? Well, Blade and Sorcery can help you realize it by giving you a full VR medieval-fantasy sandbox experience.

Blade and Sorcery received the major Home Update recently, which features a new home map that will act as the main hub for Crystal Hunts in the future. A tutorial is also added to this map that teaches the core concepts of the game; this is quite useful, especially if this is your first foray into VR gaming.

The Home Update introduces new mechanics as well. Those who want a more sneaky approach will be stoked to find that stealth is now available in Blade and Sorcery. You can sneak behind enemies and slit their throats for the kill. Keep in mind that you should cover their mouths when doing so and make sure to let them down gently. Otherwise, the armors they’re wearing will produce sounds that may alarm nearby enemies of your presence.

In addition, Blade and Sorcery now has an inventory system that allows you to store small items, such as potions, food, and torches, without taking up one of your precious weapon holster slots. The inventory can be accessed by placing your hand on your chest and pressing the spell button.

The other highlights in this patch can be found below:

  • Added clothes changing (using home mirror or “Equip” in item book)
  • Added edible food support (apple)
  • Added doors and levers system (home only for now)
  • Added some new weapons
  • Added two new hairstyles
  • Added muffling NPC with your hand to avoid doing noise
  • NPC now reacts to touch, light, bodies, items being held with telekinesis, and other NPCs being held with telekinesis.
  • Updated NPC combat animation and behavior for one-handed and two-weapon AI to be more dynamic, including parrying and riposting
  • Added water interaction with player hand and items
  • Added underwater effects and drowning when the player (or NPC) stays too long underwater
  • Added new spell merge for fire (meteor) and lightning (ion beam)
  • Added new magic abilities to fire, lightning, and gravity-imbued staff (press spell menu when handled to activate)
  • Added new staff slam effect for Fire and lightning
  • Added some new rooms to Dungeon
  • Wave and item selector UI overhaul
  • Improved NPC vision by increasing field of view and how well they can see you in the dark
  • Crouching no longer impacts stealth (stealth influenced by light and darkness, sound, and enemy FOV)

You can learn more about what the Home Update has to offer here.

Blade and Sorcery is available on PC.

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