Black Desert Mobile Welcomes Striker Class

New mode and limited-time events are here as well.
Prepare for some close encounters.
Prepare for some close encounters. Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Mobile revealed that the Striker class has officially arrived to the game. This class is considered as one of the most popular in other Black Desert versions. Along with the introduction of this new class is a new mode and a limited-time event.

Up Close and Personal

The Striker is a class that is a master of hand-to hand combat. This new class makes use of street combat and combines it with martial arts. Combining this with agility and speed, the Striker is not only one of the best fighters when it comes to one-on-one combat, but also a terrifying enemy. A Striker's main weapon is the Gauntlet and uses a Vambrace as sub-weapon.

As part of introducing this new class, a new event has been launched which started on May 12 and ends this June 9. Players who manage to level up their Striker within the event will receive rewards like the Elgriffin’s Defense Gear Chest or the Shiny Accessory Chest.

New Mode

Field of Valor also makes a return as part of the introduction of the new class. In this mode, players need to form a party of five and participate in 30-minute battles against different monsters. This mode is only available until May 26.

Limited-time Event

If those are not enough, there’s also the Striker Hot Time Event, which only lasts until May 17. During this event, players get a Mystical grace 300% Hot Time each day. This item is valid for 19 hours once collected. The Hot Time buff can then be applied for three hours. While under the buff, players get Combat EXP and Item Drop Rate Up benefits.

Mind Games

There is also a Puzzle Game which started on May 12 and set to end on May 19. In this event, players get puzzle pieces each day and get the chance to find the best reward hidden behind each. The Puzzle Board is renewed three times each day and then resets the next day. The type of puzzle rewards, and their locations, change randomly as well during the reset. However, in order to take part, players need to be at least at level 30 and have a Black Spirit level of at least level 20.

Black Desert Mobile was first released back in February 2018, but was limited to Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. An English version was later released in December 2019.

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