'Black Desert Mobile' Announces New Region Everfrost, Guardian Class; Update To Arrive On June 27

Black Desert Mobile
Black Desert Mobile

Korean video game publisher and developer Pearl Abyss announced on Friday that "Black Desert Mobile" will be getting two much-anticipated updates this month – the Everfrost region and the Guardian class.

Everfrost introduces an enchanting Eversnow-themed event map with a dedicated story centered on the icy region that fans of the mobile game will surely enjoy. The update also includes new characters and a new boss.

"There will be a new field boss to fight. An entirely different mechanic will be needed to defeat 'Erebjork,' the new field boss in Everfrost," shared Chang-wook Kim, executive head of division for "Black Desert Mobile."

Alongside the Everfrost region, Pearl Abyss has introduced the new female Guardian class, a powerful warrior dedicated to safeguarding the icy cold mountains. The Guardian is equipped with a colossal battle axe and shield, allowing her to deliver relentless blows to her enemies, showing no mercy.

To mark the upcoming updates, "Black Desert Mobile" Adventurers above level 70 or with a Combat Power higher than 5,000 can participate in an ongoing Eversnow Valley event until June 26.

Players will be able to travel to and explore the Eversnow Valley for 20 minutes. Exclusive awards, like the Ancient Knowledge EXP Scroll Chest and [Abyssal-Primal] Memory Imprint Chest, await gamers who defeat monsters in the region.

The much-anticipated "Black Desert Mobile" update will arrive in the game on June 27, 2023.

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