bit Dungeon III: Update v.1.10 Adds Bows and New Quests

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bit Dungeon III is a 2D, rogue-lite dungeon crawler where you roam around randomly-generated dungeons and overworlds. Its appeal is that you can play it in an 8-bit environment, reminiscent of the games of old. You can party up with a buddy to explore different areas together, but you also have the option of killing them so you can loot whatever is available in their inventory.

That said, Update v.1.10 was launched not long ago and it implemented tons of improvements and bug fixes.

If you have played this before, you might encounter a situation where interacting with some materials would cause a massive memory leak. Fortunately, this bug is addressed in this patch.

Another major issue fixed is that dying at any point in your playthrough could lead to you being unable to save your progress correctly. You do not have to be worried about this though.

A lot of new features are introduced as well. For instance, an additional check has been implemented to make blocking projectiles more consistent. The developers have also added an enchant combining system.

Update Highlights

  • Fixed an issue with boss doors opening even if you never have been there
  • Fixed an issue where dropping an item would dismount your horse
  • Fixed certain fonts with some menus
  • Fixed an issue with sound not playing dungeon enter sound
  • Fixed certain multiplayer stealth issues
  • Fixed a room that allowed enemies to spawn in its wall
  • Fixed a sound issue with dying would no longer play songs
  • Fixed issue with boss NPC would go invisible on hit
  • Added bows
  • Added Archer Quest, Rune, Npc
  • Added Loreweaver Quest, Rune, Npc
  • Wizard Rune now has a passive ability
  • Added moving up and down on the menu now cycle
  • Added some more lights to certain enemies
  • Added an additional int scaling to ice magic bolts
  • Adjusted item values
  • Further balancing enemy difficulty
  • Made ending credits play during gameplay, this allows clients to stay in the game when the host goes to a new game plus
  • Revamped lighting
  • Adjusted boss difficulty
  • Adjusted elite mobs rarity and item drop chance
  • Adjusted mini map camera to be more consistent between tiles
  • Revamped loading, now loads the world once and no longer needs to reload
  • Increased boss damage and reduced health

Update v.1.10 is quite massive in scale. You can read the full patch notes here.

bit Dungeon III is available on PC.

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